Need Some Help Staying Sane?

Hey guys! So recently with the virus, my family has been stuck at home a lot and some of us have started getting cabin fever (I know gasp)! So just in case, your family is getting restless like my family, here are some fun activities to do together!


Bake: Baking and cooking are literally theee best things to do when you’re bored! We’ve been making some delicious soups, bread, sandwiches, desserts, and casseroles! So (with the permission of your parents) try out some new recipes you’ve been wanting to try!

Work-out: Now to follow up with all that baking/cooking, go on walks with your family (if the weather permits)! They don’t need to be hard and all uphill but just go outside and take a fun walk and enjoy the weather!

Read: Recently my family has been reading through a book our neighbor wrote! It’s so fun and about all the fun moments of her childhood…it’s called Teachable Moments by Sandra L. Miller. I suggest you have your parents check it out as it’s really good and perfect for a family reading night!

Garden: It may not be warm enough out to start planting but if the weather permits go outside and start working on your garden! My dad and I have started working on a garden/fence (currently were waiting for the posts to come).

Spring Clean: Cleaning out a room in your house makes you feel so much more prepared…before this virus started I actually took a few days and deep cleaned our pantry which has come in very handy now that it’s full to the brim with supplies. The pictures below show the cleaning from the beginning to the end…


Movies: So recently my family has been watching a bunch of fun movies! Some Disney movies and also some others. So yesterday a movie came out called I Still Believe. So check with your parents and check it out!

Games: There are a ton of great games around our house…Taboo, Ticket to Ride, Apples to Apples, Monopoly, puzzles, and wayyyy more! My personal favorite is Ticket to Ride and doing puzzles! And if you get tired of the puzzles you have around your house, make some of your own! 

Personal Time: Sometimes during a time when you have to stay at home a lot with your family you started getting irritated with each other, so make sure you set aside some personal time for yourself where you can read, write, or just draw.


I’ll see you guys soon!

Picture Haul!

Hey guys! Happy National Chocolate Covered Rasin Day! These past few weeks have been really weird! But they gave me a great opportunity to take some pictures….here are a few from this past week.



Our neighbor’s dog, Sophie




B with her rabbit, Chloe.
It snowed!
The weather is so weird out….

Annnd that’s it, guys! I hope you all are having fun with your family!! Let’s keep the families around us that we know in our prayers ❤

Our Colorado Trip!

Hey guys! So we recently went to Colorado. It was such a blast and we had so much fun! We visited with friends and got to know some really fun people! 


We stayed with some friends and they had the sweetest dog named, Sophie


A very lonnng plane ride 


Went to the Garden of the God’s museum…if you like dinosaurs go visit! 


A beautiful view from Cave of the Winds


Garden of the Gods


Ahhh wildlife…who knew?!


And another loonnng plane ride home!


I didn’t take many pictures because it was a little chilly out and we stayed inside a lot! But we all had a blast on the trip and enjoyed visiting the wonderful Colorado weather! The doggies stayed with some friends and the wonderful person who watch Winnie would update me with pictures of Winnie…



Well, that’s it, everyone! Stay healthy everyone, and see you soon!

2020 Best Birthday Ever!

Hello everyone! Yes I know I haven’t been posting a ton but I’m back and here to stay! So I recently had my birthday which was awesome, and Julia from Lit Aflame sent this Birthday tag to me!

unnamed (1)


~ Link back to the Creator of the tag ( LITAFLAME.BLOG )

~ Answer the questions!

~ Have FUN!!!!


  1. Describe your Birthday, day! So we weren’t home for my birthday, we celebrated it a few days early! And because we were so busy the day we did celebrate we only just pretended my birthday was in the evening. My mom made a delicious meal of mashed potatoes, ham, green beans, and rolls. And instead of making a cake that we bought a tiramisu cake which was amazing! Then my amazing family got me a ton of fun little gifts like 16 pairs of socks, 16 pens, 16 ramen packets, 16 sticks of gum, 16 sour gummy candies, etc… and then a few larger gifts including a rotary saw that has some cool things you can do woodworking with, a necklace and heart earrings, a book, and a bunch of other stuff! Then we went to our grandparents to share some cake and talk to them.


  1. How old are you turning? So if you noticed above a theme of 16 pairs of everything…well that’s because I celebrated my 16th birthday! 


  1. In your opinion, what’s one thing in all the world that makes everything better? (obviously the correct answer here is ice cream XD) Besides ice cream lol, I’d say (because I’m an amazing sister/child) I’ll say family makes the world better! Also chocolate, puppies, mowing, woodworking, surprising people, joy in giving, and puppies! 
  1. What’s one thing (don’t take this literally) that you couldn’t live without? Of course, my family is the answer but if I’m not taking this literally it’d my dog, Winnie.  


  1. What’s your life’s motto? Okay so, to be honest, I’ve never really thought of what my life motto was…after thinking about it, I’d say “To be myself, to protect, and to give it my all.”


  1. Tell about a time in your life when you failed at something, but kept on trying. Tons of examples come to mind! Baking: when you just can’t get the texture right. Mowing: I’ve wrecked one mower and damaged another but I’m still working on it. School: math in particular. 


  1. If you could GIVE any gift – regardless of price or impossibility – to any one person, what would you give and who would you give it to? What would I give them? 1,000,000,000,000.09 annnd the person? I’d probably give it to my mom-dad (okay they said one person so I’ll just shove two people into one) but I know they’ve given everything for us. And to be honest they’ll probably save most of it and give it back to us in some way.


  1. Cake, ice cream, pie, or candy? Cake definitely!  


  1. Do you prefer surprises or knowing everything for your B-Day? I really really dislike surprises….but usually, they turn out alright when people do surprises to me.


  1. Where do you see yourself in a year? I hope to see me being more active with a driver’s license, with maybe one more job, and designing/building more and more!


  1. Looking into the far (FAR) future…what would you like to/plan to be doing? (career-wise, etc.) Sooo I’m planning to be a house flipper after I graduate (meaning I’d fix up broken-down houses and resell them). I’d also like to have a small business breeding dogs. 


  1. Set one goal that you have to accomplish before your next Birthday! Have a driver’s license annnd have at least one more job.


And that’s it, guys! I’m off to do some sanding 🙂 See ya’ll soon!