Refurbishing a Dresser! -Abby

Hey, guys (Abby here)…so yesterday, I got tired of reading and wanted something fun to do! Sooo instead of painting my wall (which I was extremely tempted to do) I went and got a paint can and boom started painting… dresser! It’s something I had actually done recently but didn’t like the color that much as it didn’t match the decor of my room.



Annnd After!



I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! I’ve been trying to get all my room to match better so I love having a brighter color in my room! 


Also, I have some BIG news! There’s a new blogger in our midst! So hop on over to Bekah’s Blog – Owl Serve Jesus and follow her (she’s not related to my co-writer Beka lol)! I’ll be doing an interview with her very soon so you guys can officially meet her!


See y’all soon! Abby signing off 🙂

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