Nature…ain’t it beautiful? -Abby

Hey guys, Abby here. This summer, I planted three rose plants…red, yellow, and pink long-stemmed bushes. So far the yellow and pink bushes bloomed the most and I was able to take 5 pictures of the blooming process!


Some more flower pictures:


And some random pictures I took today (note the quality is really low because of some upload problems):


Also, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out so wish me luck on Monday the 13th.


21 thoughts on “Nature…ain’t it beautiful? -Abby

  1. Aw praying for you Abby Rose! If you want tips, let me know! (Feel free to email me!) I’ve had wisdom teeth taken out twice and definitely have learned a thing or two! 😅 (I learned it the hard way so I love helping others with this!)

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  2. Abby, I hope all goes well with getting your wisdom teeth out. You won’t loose any wisdom as you are one smart cookie now. God bless.


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