Rock Wall Project – Abby

Guys, Abby here 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t post about this! Back in April my dad and I decided to tackle a project that has been a real problem child! 

Notice how the mulch was kinda seeping into the driveway?

So we counted and measured and ordered ALOT of blocks (I’m really not sure how many).

And after so much work…


I love seeing the transformation of this project! All in all this project was probably the most expensive so far. It rounded out to about 600 dollars for the block, gravel, mulch, and concrete glue for the last two rows. Yes, it was expensive but so rewarding! We also bought three holly bushes and one weeping cherry tree. We’re eventually planning to make some sort of swing/bench to replace the chairs.


See you all soon! Stay safe,

Abby ❤

11 thoughts on “Rock Wall Project – Abby

  1. Abby. You and your dad did a great job. I can’t imagine my not seeing this when we were over there. Pappy must have drove so fast up the hill. Ha.Ha.

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