Randomness post! -Abby

Hey guys! Abby here, and today I have some really random things to show you! 

First off are these beautiful flower pictures I snapped a few days ago from two flower bouquets. Which is your favorite? The last two are pretty much the same picture do you like the first or second rose picture?

Next off is a reptile rescue we did (I was gonna say animal but didn’t want to confuse anyone). Also, this is especially for Rosy’s Writings, saving the snakes one step at a time hehe!

My dad noticed this black snake was caught in the netting I have over my roses so we did emergency “surgery” and carefully cut off the netting from around it. It was a little banged up and cut but the snakey slithered off under the car once we freed it!


Another fun thing this past June, July, and August. I helped direct two acting camps and then participated in one! It was so much fun, yet so stressful. 

I was in two skits: Troubled Seas & A Beginning (Cheaper by the Dozen). 

Also in two songs: There’s No Business Like Show Business & Who Will Buy (from Oliver!).

I had a great Summer and this is about it with the summer for me! I’m going to a private Christian school in a couple weeks which I can’t wait to begin! 

When does school startup for you? What interesting things did you do this summer? Let’s chat in the comments!

Old to New – Refurbishing a Bench

Hey guys! For over a year I’ve really wanted to sand off the stain on our table benches and show the original wood and just clean them up in general! We have two benches but only got around to cleaning one up at the moment.

Original bench (note the white spots of mold) these benches were in desperate need of attention!

We did this on a nice warm day so we didn’t get frostbite this time!

We’ll be doing the other bench probably next week! I honestly can’t wait for them to all match and look the same!

This project was probably one of my favorite because we got to take something old and dark ANNND turn it into a beautiful bench that matches our table and kitchen layout so much better!

See ya all!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! My mom homeschooled my siblings and me for sooo many years and dealt with our crazy minds for years on end.



So every year I ask her what she wants for her birthday and she says “Peace, Love, and Harmony”. Well, it’s super hard to wrap that up for gifts so I made her pillows for our living room (something she’s about for a long while). My mom loves practical gifts so don’t think it’s weird I made these for her 🙂

Then I refolded them so they were right sides out and I ironed the corners to a sharp edge. 

And there ya go 4 – 18″ pillows and 2 – 16″ pillows

Thanks to Mrs. Z my amazing sewing instructor who wrote out the measurements and showed me how to cut them all out! She’s such an amazing seamstress and friend!


Happy Birthday, mom! Love ya ❤

A Year of Puppy Photos!

Hey guys! This past year I’ve met, seen, and cuddled with so many cute doggies! So I thought it’d be interesting to show you their cuteness!

Meet a pastors dog! I don’t remember the cutie’s name but she has unlimited energy and I got to hang out with her while my parents talked.
Meet Faith, this cute little doggie that I got to hang out with for about 5 hours! She’s about 4 years old and still acts like a little puppy! 
Meet Maggie! This sweet little 2 year old who never sits still (except for short naps). I watch her a lot and it’s absolutely my favorite time! We just run around and play and watch cooking channels.
Tirzah and Winnie! Tirzah is 7 and Winnie 17 months. Both are still being weird and silly always!
IMG_8552 (1)
Meet Molly! This adorable older dog was running around at riding lessons and is super sweet! 


Sooo that’s all I have now! Though I’ll definitely be posting more photos and fun posts soon! 

See you all soon!


CAMmadeCosmetics Announcement – Please READ!

Hey guys! Beka and I here to announce something so exciting, so exhilarating, so insane that I can’t even wrap my mind around it…..our close friend Camryn has started a cosmetics store on Etsy – CAMmadeCosmetics!!!!



Camryn is a young entrepreneur excited to share her work with others and bring joy and healthy products for them! She was inspired by other people’s talent for cosmetics and thought it would be fun and a blessing to others!

Her business is self-made and made from scratch! Each product is made with love and (after witnessing for ourselves), a ton of hard work! After asking Camryn I learned that we will be seeing more products from her in the future (honestly, I can’t wait)!!

She currently sells only Moisturizing and Exfoliating Vanilla Lip Scrub, Lip Gloss, & Eyelash/Eyebrow Growth Serum.


You can find CAMmadeCosmetics HERE or on Etsy if you just write in CAMmadeCosmetics!


Abby’s Review: So far I’ve only been using the lip gloss. I’m usually very against any colored lip gloss but I’m finding that I absolutely love it! The gloss stays on for hours and doesn’t come off immediately every time I drink water! The color in the product is not overwhelming and not at all noticeable (unless you have red or pink, then it does show more). I’m in love with the gloss and can’t wait to try out her other products! 


Annnnd the second exciting thing in this post is…..we’re doing a small giveaway of CAMmadeCosmetics!!

We’re giving away Eyelash/Eyebrow Serum, Moisturizing Lip Scrub, and Gold Lip Gloss 

The giveaway runs from TODAY to Saturday the 8th!

So enter HERE and I’ll announce it on the 9th!


See you all soon! -Abby & Beka ❤