A Year of Puppy Photos!

Hey guys! This past year I’ve met, seen, and cuddled with so many cute doggies! So I thought it’d be interesting to show you their cuteness!

Meet a pastors dog! I don’t remember the cutie’s name but she has unlimited energy and I got to hang out with her while my parents talked.
Meet Faith, this cute little doggie that I got to hang out with for about 5 hours! She’s about 4 years old and still acts like a little puppy! 
Meet Maggie! This sweet little 2 year old who never sits still (except for short naps). I watch her a lot and it’s absolutely my favorite time! We just run around and play and watch cooking channels.
Tirzah and Winnie! Tirzah is 7 and Winnie 17 months. Both are still being weird and silly always!
IMG_8552 (1)
Meet Molly! This adorable older dog was running around at riding lessons and is super sweet! 


Sooo that’s all I have now! Though I’ll definitely be posting more photos and fun posts soon! 

See you all soon!


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