Pine Desk Build!

Hey guys! At the moment I’m trying to switch my WordPress account to its normal editor but right now I’m going to post from my phone!

This past week school started and I noticed quickly that it’d be nice to have a desk to do my school work on…So I went to dad and drew up a plan! Here’s the process and end result. I really love how it turned out….

We cut the top of the desk 42″ long and I think 26″ wide. We wanted to really work on making them all line up and be almost seamless.

We glued them together and held them together with pressure. We let that set for a day.

We then found 2×4’s in the scrap pile and trimmed them up. We glued and screwed them together to start forming the base of the desk.

My dad had the genius idea to drill them on a curve so we could put it together more seamlessly. It turned out super lightweight and sturdy.

We trimmed the ends (we also ended up cutting down the legs to shorten the desk), and also used a router to give the top of the desk a soft edge. It honestly turned out amazing!!

We decided to stain it to match my room better! We had a ton of old stains that we could use so we stained a piece of leftover wood from the desk and above you can see all the different stains.

We ended up using the stain walnut because I just loved the color and what it did to the grain of the wood!!

We decided to put a seal of polyurethane on it. We applied it with a foam brush at first but it gave the table a super bumpy feel so we lightly sanded it and used a brush to give it a final coat of polyurethane.

I ended up wrapping warm fairy lights from amazon around the legs of the desk so it really gives an extra cool factor.

Now let’s talk cost. The desk materials cost:

Wood: free we had to laying around

Screws: $5.00

Stain: free we had it laying around and needed used up

Polyurethane: $15.00 (and we still have more for other projects).

Foam brushes: $2.00

Brush: free had it laying around

All in all the project was super simple and easy. I absolutely love how the desk turned out! What do you think?

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