School Started Y’all and Ohhh Boy……

Hey guys! So school started for me a few weeks back, and let’s just say it’s been “interesting”. First day of school for me was kicked off by a 3 day trip to a camp for activities, Bible study, and white water rafting. Here’s a few pictures from that!

First day of school…wow, it was definitely hard. All of them didn’t know me so it definitely took a toll on my mental state. After a few days (weeks actually) I’ve made some friends and am adjusting to my subjects.

So everyone in my grade is required to do a leadership class…just saying, it’s INCREDIBLY difficult. The challenge above really showed leadership as we all had to just let a few people lead and not everyone at once. The teacher showed grace to us and allowed us to try again a second day as we failed the first time.

So my subjects I’m taking in school are:

Spanish 1

US History



American Literature


Old Testament Bible

What are you doing for school? Let’s chat in the comments!

8 thoughts on “School Started Y’all and Ohhh Boy……

  1. Hey Abby! It looks like you’ve had a lot of fun! I’m taking five college classes right now (yayyyyyyyy XD). One of them is Spanish! (which is rather terrifying because I know practically none of the language, and I have to meet the class online three times a week *sighs*).


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