My Riding Progression -Beka

Hey guys! Beka here with some pictures of when I started riding to now! I can’t wait to show you, because it took a lot of effort to get where I’m at with riding and I have so much fun doing so!

Some things I learned! It’s not going to be like a Hallmark movie where you jump on the horse and ride off into the sunset. I got on a horse and it felt like forever learning how to post, control the horse, and basically not make a fool out of myself. By the 5th lesson I was finally walking around riding the horse with the trainer holding the lead.

I eventually felt more confident and progressed more. I switched horses about 8 months in and started learning to jump! Jumping is one of my favorites but it’s still a constant struggle to have posture, balance, and confidence.

I’m still learning and having fun! It may not be for everyone but its a great way to get exercise and be around some pretty cool animals!

Special thanks to my favorite guys in my life, Blaze and Jimmy. Such wonderful horses and so much fun to be outside with you both!

Also special thanks to my trainer for being such an awesome teacher and always being patient. Without you I would be sitting on the couch eating cheetos

See ya soon guys! ❤

Would you like to see more posts about horses? Let’s chat in the comments!

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