You Asked Us To Do A Simple Little Project?

Hello all!

Recently my dad and I were asked to do a simple little project for a family and noticed that the family’s porch and patio needed some help. We offered and they told us we’re hired! So here starts a week(ish) long project that was absolutely so much fun!

So in this first set of pictures was one day. We did a ton of work. We cleared off the deck, did TONS of nailing on the porch (the person who made this porch used nails and screws that weren’t for outside).

We sprayed 30 second on the porch and patio. 30 second is basically a mold killer you can find more info about it HERE. We put it on about an hour before we pressure washed it. We ended up running home and getting the pressure washer to work more.

We pressure washed for 3 1/2 hours and were able to finish the deck and patio.

*we also brushed sand into the patio to help the tile from moving around*

This second set was definitely the most exciting! We waited a few days for the deck to dry and when we came back I was so excited to see the huge transformation that happened!

We hand painted the deck, meaning we took a paint brush and got hand cramp finishing the porch. The second coat we used almost like a broom to paint the stain on the porch floor. The rest was done stroke by stroke.

The light fixtures caused us no end with issues but I’m so happy with the end result.

So in the beginning of my post I said we had gone to do a “Simple Little Project” for someone.

This WHOLEEEE project is because they asked us to make them a holder for their wind chime. It’s a truly amazing wind chime and deserved a special place. We hung it up and just this evening I was at their house and got to hear the beautiful chime from it.

I’m so excited I was able to help with this, I learned so much and I had a blast doing it!

Thanks Bill and Jenn for letting us!

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