Holiday Themed Giveaway | Celebrating 4 Years of SP & Small Business Saturday — the striped plaid

Hey hey you guys! I’ve got something I’m super excited about to share with you guys today!! In honor of SP turning 4 earlier this month AND Christmas AND Small Business Saturday being today, I thought I’d host a cozy holiday themed giveaway featuring a few of my favorite items from the shop this season! […]

Holiday Themed Giveaway | Celebrating 4 Years of SP & Small Business Saturday — the striped plaid

November Current Events!

Hey guys! It’s the end of November meaning it’s time for my current events from this past month! Enjoy and let me know what y’all think!

Revealed: A pizza worker’s lie forced an Australian state of 1.7 million people into lockdown

When asked to tell the simple truth, why is it our first reaction to lie? In this case, a pizza worker who had no reason to lie about something critical caused an entire state of South Australia to close. Closing their state made sense, yet now what do they do about the worker? Did he lie to keep from losing his job? Or was he asked to lie about it so the business could stay open? 

If the business asked him to lie about it, they would have caused dozens of people to become infected with Coronavirus. In that case, the store itself should be fined and permanently closed for risking the health and safety of their community. If he’s lying to save his job, he might as well apply for a job at a gas station because once you lie, you can never gain back that trust you broke. Lying causes a lot of unintended consequences reaching much farther than originally intended. I hope and pray that this pizza worker or whoever was in on the lie gets punished.

Revealed: Church Recruits Flash the Sloth to Handle Worship Slides

There’s a time and place for everything, and unfortunately, Flash just doesn’t seem to work in his area of work at Compelled Redemption River City Church. A soundboard can be a challenging job, and if you are not willing to adjust to what the churchgoers there ask you, then there isn’t much point. We are often faced with the challenge that if we do what’s best for everyone, there’s always one person who doesn’t understand. 

I believe everyone should be given a few extra chances, and I believe Compelled Redemption River City Church should try their best to explain to Flash or, better yet, employ some teenagers to sit back with him and help him with the controls, it’s always helpful to have an extra hand! It’s nice to feel needed, and in this case, I believe they should try to encourage Flash or at least let him train the next guy.

Calling All Readers for Some Feedback

Hello to all of my amazing followers/readers! For school we had to write an essay about if next year’s class should read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I still have a few things to write and add to my paper but I’d like to ask my writer (and non writers) to give me their opinion on my paper and tell me if there was more ways to improve on it. At the moment I have a 93% grade on it and I just want to hear all of your opinions!

If you can read through it the entire way and email me at with your suggestions about making it better that would be awesome! It’s due next week so I’d like to hear some feedback (positive or negative, I won’t be offended). Thanks guys!

Ignoring History or Learning From It

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn shows the world the struggle of a young boy’s childhood in the pre Civil War American South and an unlikely friendship. Mark Twain’s quote, “The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.” The world around us is quickly changing and challenging us to adapt, but is that something people want to do? Are they willing to challenge the accepted patterns of society? Reading Huckleberry Finn opens our eyes to another world. A world full of odd speech, insane adventures, and the vast possibility that we may one day be friends with someone we always thought was lower than us awaits the reader in the pages of this story. 

A friendship formed in the most unusual circumstances is a bond that cannot be broken. Huck Finn and Jim form a close bond that shows one of the strangest friendships you will ever see. In the 1800’s it was unheard of to talk to, let alone be friends with a slave. Huck apparently missed that important bit of information, and throughout the book, you see a close friendship developing. In chapter 16, Huck is torn between following the law and keeping his promise. His heart softens when he hears Jim call him “his only friend.” 

At the time, white society would have found Huck’s behavior scandalous and most likely would have attempted to reform him. They believed that people of color were nothing more than personal property and were only worth the monetary gain they brought to the owner. In today’s world, this practice would be considered racist and offensive. The idea of slavery is a controversial topic, and reading the book encourages discussion of racism. 

To today’s students, the use of the N word is almost hard even to read. It makes you feel uncomfortable and troubled. All the struggles involving race issues in the present day, cause students to wonder why Mark Twain chose to put the N word in his book. Why did he use this term? Before the Civil War, owning slaves was common. They were property, had no freedom, and were not allowed even to speak their own opinions. Mark Twain’s use of the N word was typical in that era and did not have the uncomfortable effect it has on us now. We feel disgusted by the word since today we see people of color as equals and cannot imagine a world that condoned and encouraged the institution of slavery. It opens our eyes to the fact that the world was not all battles honorably fought and won. Instead, it involved the true feelings of human beings just like us who were treated horribly.

History is the story of humankind. We need to learn about all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If we only read about the parts we like, we miss the big picture. Are we the foolish white people in Huck Finn who only focus on their view of the world, or can we sympathize with Jim, who might look and act differently than us? Or are we Huck, who begins to see both sides of that time’s accepted racial attitudes? Ultimately we should be able to see and understand all of the points of view whether we agree with them or not.

Can we learn from Mark Twain’s view of life in the pre Civil War South? Or is it better to ban the book and ignore that part of our history? We should be offended by the use of the N word. We should feel disgusted with how Jim was treated. We see the ignorance of the culture that condoned slavery though we also see the hope of change in young Huck’s unlikely friendship with Jim. High school students should continue to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to build on their knowledge of our country’s changing ideas about racial issues.

My Thoughts…

Hey guys! Something has been pressing on my heart and here’s a random post of my thoughts.

The Like button. What an amazing idea the creator of this little button had. I bet the guy had the normal busy life that everyone else has and wanted to make it easier to show your interest in your friends facebook, instagram, blog post, etc….

The problem with this genius idea is that people want to be heard. They want you to read the hard work they put into making their blog the exciting and active place they see in all these crazy famous people with millions of followers. They want your opinion on their post.

The like button in my opinion needs to have an option to turn off. I get it, life is busy! But if you know you don’t have time to read their whole post maybe you probably shouldn’t be on your computer. So many times I find myself scrolling through the bloggers I follow and just hitting that like button without even reading the content.

I’m a HUGE procrastinator on reallllly dumb stuff (pardon my language). I’ll throughly clean my room just to get out of homework. Even right now when I know I could be working on my Cell City Biology project I’m here writing a post that I’m sure 10% of my readers have read to this point.

I’m not calling out anyone. I’m not judging. Life is INSANELY busy.

But I’ve decided to do a challenge. Starting tomorrow go find a blog you follow that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Read their post and comment on it. Or better yet, go to their contact page and write something personal and encouraging. Do this to different blogs for the entire week. You may find its to much or that you really enjoy it and want to make this a monthly goal!

Let’s make this crazy week in November before Thanksgiving an encouraging and uplifting moment!!

Love you all ❤

The Opportunity of a Life Time

Hello all! I have the coolest news EVER!!! Like literally I don’t think it could get more amazing….

I bought a school bus!!!!! Not just any school bus but a school bus that will one day be my home when I move out!

It looks so huge! It is a 72 passenger school bus. Currently won’t pass inspection because of some rust issues but all in all its in pretty good condition!

I bought the bus for 1,200 from an amazing mechanic who graciously lowered the price for me! I transferred the title today which cost $20, though when I register it as a camper it’ll be a bit more but my current budget for the whole project is 10,000.

So come along with me on this bus house project! I’m hoping it’ll take at least a year and a half and will eventually be my senior project for school!

So what do you all think? Any ideas? I’ll be posting updates about it and hopefully later on if you guys have any ideas I can try to incorporate a few of them!

Preacher On The Run

Hey guys! Jayna Baas’s book “Preacher On The Run” is out!!! This book is amazing!

Isn’t the cover amazing?? ❤ ❤

About the book:

It’s 1771, and North Carolina preacher Robert Boothe has spent four years leading the tyrant-hating
Regulators against the corrupt British government. All he wants is a safe place for his family and church to live
and worship in freedom. But the established church wants him to shut up. The governor’s men want him
dead. Colonel Charles Drake is on Robert’s trail, and that safe place is farther and farther away. You can run,
but you can’t hide . . .

Guys, you’ve got to check this book out! I’ll be doing a review of it soon!

And she’s having a giveaway!!!

Click HERE to enter!

Where you can buy:

Paperback (direct from author):
eBook (Amazon): or search “Jayna Baas” on Amazon

Other Links:
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Fall Tag -Beka

Winters great.

Springs fine.

Summers okay.

Fallllllll is AMAZING!

That feeling when summer is over is indescribable. When the trees turn orange, red, and brown. School also starts so I guess fall has one downside.

I was just gonna randomly pin a bunch of things from Pinterest, but decided to start a fall tag!

Tag questions:

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch?

Do you like apple cider?

What one word would you use to describe fall?

How would you spend a classic fall evening?

Have you ever eaten a squirrel?

What animal do you think would blend best with fall?

What’s your favorite fall food?

Do you perfer to say autumn or fall?

Whats your favorite fall movie?

Now for the people I tagged! If you would like to do this tag and I didn’t tag you feel free to continue it on, I wasn’t sure who would want to do it!

The Striped Plaid

Christina and Camera

Beautiful Things

Rosy’s Writings


Must tag at least 4 people! You have to come up with your own 9 questions about fall or reuse the ones here!

Have fun!


When is Bread not Bread?

Hi guys! This article is just to make you think, for school we’re required to write about events off news articles, and make something like comments for the article. I picked this one because it seemed to make the best argument for me at the time. I know its tough for us who can’t vote at the moment so let’s chat in the comments about your opinion!

Revealed: For Subway, A Ruling Not so Sweet. Irish Court Says Its Bread Isn’t Bread

When is bread not bread? Apparently, if you’re in Ireland and you own a Subway don’t try to get a tax break on your rolls. Because sugar takes up 10% of the weight of the flour in their product they can no longer receive a tax exemption according to the country’s Value-Added Tax Act of 1972. In other words, their rolls are more of a dessert than sandwich bread. Is this fair to the Irish Subway owner? With a simple change in recipe, the owner could retain his tax exemption status. However, with this huge adjustment to his bread, he may lose customers because it will not taste the same to them. In his case, it is up to him to decide whether or not it makes good business sense.

Why am I writing about this you ask? Aren’t there bigger problems in the world then how much sugar there is in an Irish hoagie roll? With Covid-19 dominating the news, this seems extremely silly to be reporting about. I feel bad for the business owner but is this really worthy of making the news? In the current world we live in we try to make things bigger than they really are. In this case, let the poor Subway owner alone and stop over dramatizing things.

Please remember this is my opinion and everyone else has a different view! If you do, let’s chat in the comments about it! Also if you’d like to read one of these a month let me know too!