When is Bread not Bread?

Hi guys! This article is just to make you think, for school we’re required to write about events off news articles, and make something like comments for the article. I picked this one because it seemed to make the best argument for me at the time. I know its tough for us who can’t vote at the moment so let’s chat in the comments about your opinion!

Revealed: For Subway, A Ruling Not so Sweet. Irish Court Says Its Bread Isn’t Bread


When is bread not bread? Apparently, if you’re in Ireland and you own a Subway don’t try to get a tax break on your rolls. Because sugar takes up 10% of the weight of the flour in their product they can no longer receive a tax exemption according to the country’s Value-Added Tax Act of 1972. In other words, their rolls are more of a dessert than sandwich bread. Is this fair to the Irish Subway owner? With a simple change in recipe, the owner could retain his tax exemption status. However, with this huge adjustment to his bread, he may lose customers because it will not taste the same to them. In his case, it is up to him to decide whether or not it makes good business sense.

Why am I writing about this you ask? Aren’t there bigger problems in the world then how much sugar there is in an Irish hoagie roll? With Covid-19 dominating the news, this seems extremely silly to be reporting about. I feel bad for the business owner but is this really worthy of making the news? In the current world we live in we try to make things bigger than they really are. In this case, let the poor Subway owner alone and stop over dramatizing things.

Please remember this is my opinion and everyone else has a different view! If you do, let’s chat in the comments about it! Also if you’d like to read one of these a month let me know too!

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