Fall Tag -Beka

Winters great.

Springs fine.

Summers okay.

Fallllllll is AMAZING!

That feeling when summer is over is indescribable. When the trees turn orange, red, and brown. School also starts so I guess fall has one downside.

I was just gonna randomly pin a bunch of things from Pinterest, but decided to start a fall tag!

Tag questions:

Have you ever been to a pumpkin patch?

Do you like apple cider?

What one word would you use to describe fall?

How would you spend a classic fall evening?

Have you ever eaten a squirrel?

What animal do you think would blend best with fall?

What’s your favorite fall food?

Do you perfer to say autumn or fall?

Whats your favorite fall movie?

Now for the people I tagged! If you would like to do this tag and I didn’t tag you feel free to continue it on, I wasn’t sure who would want to do it!

The Striped Plaid

Christina and Camera

Beautiful Things

Rosy’s Writings


Must tag at least 4 people! You have to come up with your own 9 questions about fall or reuse the ones here!

Have fun!


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