Preacher On The Run

Hey guys! Jayna Baas’s book “Preacher On The Run” is out!!! This book is amazing!

Isn’t the cover amazing?? ❤ ❤

About the book:

It’s 1771, and North Carolina preacher Robert Boothe has spent four years leading the tyrant-hating
Regulators against the corrupt British government. All he wants is a safe place for his family and church to live
and worship in freedom. But the established church wants him to shut up. The governor’s men want him
dead. Colonel Charles Drake is on Robert’s trail, and that safe place is farther and farther away. You can run,
but you can’t hide . . .

Guys, you’ve got to check this book out! I’ll be doing a review of it soon!

And she’s having a giveaway!!!

Click HERE to enter!

Where you can buy:

Paperback (direct from author):
eBook (Amazon): or search “Jayna Baas” on Amazon

Other Links:
YouTube Channel:
Book Trailer:
Amazon Author Page:
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