The Opportunity of a Life Time

Hello all! I have the coolest news EVER!!! Like literally I don’t think it could get more amazing….

I bought a school bus!!!!! Not just any school bus but a school bus that will one day be my home when I move out!

It looks so huge! It is a 72 passenger school bus. Currently won’t pass inspection because of some rust issues but all in all its in pretty good condition!

I bought the bus for 1,200 from an amazing mechanic who graciously lowered the price for me! I transferred the title today which cost $20, though when I register it as a camper it’ll be a bit more but my current budget for the whole project is 10,000.

So come along with me on this bus house project! I’m hoping it’ll take at least a year and a half and will eventually be my senior project for school!

So what do you all think? Any ideas? I’ll be posting updates about it and hopefully later on if you guys have any ideas I can try to incorporate a few of them!

12 thoughts on “The Opportunity of a Life Time

  1. Oh, so cool! Keep us updated! I’m obsessed with housing alternatives like this. 😍😍 And if you’re looking for ideas, I’d recommend all or most furniture/appliances are light-colored. It will make the space feel bigger.

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