My Thoughts…

Hey guys! Something has been pressing on my heart and here’s a random post of my thoughts.

The Like button. What an amazing idea the creator of this little button had. I bet the guy had the normal busy life that everyone else has and wanted to make it easier to show your interest in your friends facebook, instagram, blog post, etc….

The problem with this genius idea is that people want to be heard. They want you to read the hard work they put into making their blog the exciting and active place they see in all these crazy famous people with millions of followers. They want your opinion on their post.

The like button in my opinion needs to have an option to turn off. I get it, life is busy! But if you know you don’t have time to read their whole post maybe you probably shouldn’t be on your computer. So many times I find myself scrolling through the bloggers I follow and just hitting that like button without even reading the content.

I’m a HUGE procrastinator on reallllly dumb stuff (pardon my language). I’ll throughly clean my room just to get out of homework. Even right now when I know I could be working on my Cell City Biology project I’m here writing a post that I’m sure 10% of my readers have read to this point.

I’m not calling out anyone. I’m not judging. Life is INSANELY busy.

But I’ve decided to do a challenge. Starting tomorrow go find a blog you follow that doesn’t get as much attention as it should. Read their post and comment on it. Or better yet, go to their contact page and write something personal and encouraging. Do this to different blogs for the entire week. You may find its to much or that you really enjoy it and want to make this a monthly goal!

Let’s make this crazy week in November before Thanksgiving an encouraging and uplifting moment!!

Love you all ❤

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts…

  1. Good thoughts and we are all guilty of just “liking” something without really reading it completely. Hmm, so that’s why you are always cleaning your room…… Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. This is an AWESOME post. It’s pretty much repeating what I myself have thought about a lot with my blog. And sometimes I too am guilty of doing this to other blogs. Or I just hit the like button and read it later, but then sometimes I forget😂
    But yeah, this is a great post, and i appreciate the time you took writing it! 😀

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