November Current Events!

Hey guys! It’s the end of November meaning it’s time for my current events from this past month! Enjoy and let me know what y’all think!

Revealed: A pizza worker’s lie forced an Australian state of 1.7 million people into lockdown

When asked to tell the simple truth, why is it our first reaction to lie? In this case, a pizza worker who had no reason to lie about something critical caused an entire state of South Australia to close. Closing their state made sense, yet now what do they do about the worker? Did he lie to keep from losing his job? Or was he asked to lie about it so the business could stay open? 

If the business asked him to lie about it, they would have caused dozens of people to become infected with Coronavirus. In that case, the store itself should be fined and permanently closed for risking the health and safety of their community. If he’s lying to save his job, he might as well apply for a job at a gas station because once you lie, you can never gain back that trust you broke. Lying causes a lot of unintended consequences reaching much farther than originally intended. I hope and pray that this pizza worker or whoever was in on the lie gets punished.

Revealed: Church Recruits Flash the Sloth to Handle Worship Slides

There’s a time and place for everything, and unfortunately, Flash just doesn’t seem to work in his area of work at Compelled Redemption River City Church. A soundboard can be a challenging job, and if you are not willing to adjust to what the churchgoers there ask you, then there isn’t much point. We are often faced with the challenge that if we do what’s best for everyone, there’s always one person who doesn’t understand. 

I believe everyone should be given a few extra chances, and I believe Compelled Redemption River City Church should try their best to explain to Flash or, better yet, employ some teenagers to sit back with him and help him with the controls, it’s always helpful to have an extra hand! It’s nice to feel needed, and in this case, I believe they should try to encourage Flash or at least let him train the next guy.

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