A Declaration that Changed Time

When you’re asked the question what is more important, “the Declaration of Independence or the Revolutionary war” What would your answer be?

Here’s my answer for you guys!

Imagine living in a world that you thought was free only to be ruled by a nation’s tyrant. The people of the soon to be called America were suffering just that. Unjust rules and cruel ideas of King George III were straining the new colonists. John Adams and several stepped forward and proposed an idea that would change the fate of their country. The writing of The Declaration of Independence. 

What is the Declaration of Independence, though? A document was written by the Continental Congress, stating that all men are created equal and have the freedom to control their taxes and lives. When you’re asked the question, which is more critical, The Declaration of Independence or the Revolutionary war? They both were crucial to the United States of America’s freedom and liberty though my personal belief is that we would not be where we are today without The Declaration of Independence. What are my reasons for this, though? I thought you’d never ask! In my opinion, the Declaration of Independence was more important than the war as it was more thought through and discussed. It wasn’t a bunch of men running around killing but instead broke down and studied the reasons for their rebellion against Great Britain and focused on the issues. My second reason is that The Declaration of Independence stands for the writers’ freedom and signers of it. It stands for the hardship and struggles they went through but, ultimately, the triumph in the end. My third and final reason is this, at the time, they did not know this, but their small document filled with their struggles, hardships, and will to fight inspired many others to fight for their freedom against overbearing nations. 

Americans went through many battles and lost many brave men to their fight for freedom. They never entirely lost hope through all of their struggles, and they never fully lost courage. And those reasons are why we still are inspired to read The Declaration of Independence. We may have lost lives in our war, but the inspiration for this truly inspiring document brought courage to them now and will continue to do so.

Hope that spiked your curiosity a bit and challenged you with your thoughts on the question! See you soon!