2020 In Review

Hey guys! 2020 has been a VERY weird year and I’m scared but also looking forward to what 2021 brings in! Sooooo take a quick break to listen to this song and we shall continue with this post below!

Did you watch it? *insert intense look*

Now here’s 2020 my year in review!

January – After a great Christmas we started off the year with going to Get Air and jumping more times then I can count! I continued my job of dog walking and read more books then I care to think about the “exciting” world of salt.

February – February brought some cute puppy pictures and my birthday! I turned one year older and got to celebrate in some different ways. First I celebrated my birthday a few days early and then on my birthday we traveled a few hours down to a bigger airport and then flew out to visit my brother.

March – A exciting and weird month we had in March. We got home from our trip and I took my learners permit test (which I passed without reading the manual, yay!) I also bought a car that month! Dad had bought me a van for my dog business but the condition it was in made it kinda useless so I found a car. Then Covid in our area struck and we were forced to hibernate. Work for me continued and school still went on.

April – Dad and I tackled some exciting projects including building a locust tree fence and started on a rock wall. Easter also came and went with a zoom service and some fun family time. I also got to experience my first driving in the snow! It went pretty well though was a bit scary at first.

May – Fishing season started up and my dad and I went down to visit my grandparents fishing camp about 5 times throughout the next three months. I got to drive the 2ish hours down and back and Winnie got kinda over her fear of water. I also saw my first elk (although Winnie and I call them mooses)!

June – Our neighbor hired dad and I to build them a support wall around half of their pool. Let’s just say it was tiresome and I got concrete on my jeans! We also took a few camping trips and biked a lot! Church started up in person and I got involved in a puppet team, cleaning and making the puppets cute and acting out a 8 year old in the show! Dad and I also made a huge mailbox that was super fun and turned out great!

July – So much happened in July! My job continued throughout the hot month and I helped direct a younger kids acting camp. I also had a terrible toothache which turned out to be a wisdom teeth problem and they needed removed. Soooo a week later I was no more wise and very chipmunk looking…a week later I was out in the 80 degree heat doing photography for our churches VBS. And that next week I helped direct an older kids acting camp and taught choreography for a dance.

August – August brought a snake rescue, and an acting camp that I could be involved in too! It was so much fun to get up on stage and just act! I was also able to sew some pretty cool pillows for our couch and I got to be involved with L’s graduation! Worked continued and my mom and dad decided to sign me up for private school so I could finish my last few years strong! The last week of August brought my schools camping trip that involved rafting, devotions, and a very stressful environment which at the time bugged me but definitely helped grow me! Also that last weekend was my churches youth retreat where we played games, camped outside, and had a blast!

September – I said goodbye to my job and school started….it was HARDDDD! I struggled to fit in (and still do). Dad and I also built this really cool desk for my room! I learned how to play ultimate frisbee at school and my family started tackling another huge house project (I’ll do a blog post on that once it’s done). I learned how to change my own car tire and the most exciting par is….I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENSE!!! My dad and I also fixed a broken piping system that was pretty fun to see why it was broken and we also got hired to do fix someones porch, which we immediately started. Dad and I also made L a book shelf for her bunk bed!

October – Finished the deck job the first week in October and got to finally fulfill a dream of mine….BUY A BUS! I got an “interesting” hair cut that went very wrong but ended up turning out so cool, I got to paint a rock that looked terrible and now looks so cool, and I got my first detention at school and instead of sitting in an office doing homework I got to fix a few tables for the school with my dad!

November – Started drinking coffee, and built a marshmallow noddle tower named Roberta. Officially bought my bus and had it driven to our house. Went into quarantine for school and had to do zoom classes for the last two weeks of November. Went bear hunting with my dad and grandpa which was fun and very boring. Didn’t get anything though I did get to drive our stick shift car and get it stuck at an intersection to the point I gave up and my dad and I did the classic switch-a-roo and he drove.

December – Went back to in person classes and got to start planning twelve days of Christmas at school. My family got our Christmas tree and I found some very old plums under my car seat…we’re not sure how they got there. My school started an assignment to make our beds for 40 days, and I’m on day 28 right now and it’s actually really hard to remember! I got to make a gingerbread house for my school game and I won! My grade also dressed our bible teacher up in wrapping paper (he looked like Ironman) then he and another bible teacher pretended to have a battle. Sadly ours didn’t win but it was hilarious! We had a huge snowstorm and my school had a snowday! The next day was remote learning and then break started!!! Christmas came and went and was a blast!

And THAT was my year! Hope you were able to understand it all! Have an amazing New Years guys! See you next year!

December Current Events

Hey guys! Today I’m going to stir the pot I suppose is the expression and share my schools current events that some of you may not agree with. That’s totally okay and I’d like to discuss your opinions on the topics I bring up! I will say though the last one is me just being kinda goofy but I’d like to hear your thoughts none the less.


Revealed: U.K. Begins Nationwide Coronavirus Immunization, Largest In Nation’s History


Margaret Keenan, excited to get a birthday present that may change her life. Months of distance from her family has taken a toll on her and now all you can see is the excitement on her face when she gets a Covid 19 vaccine. But is this vaccine safe? Do the benefits outway the issues that can come from receiving the vaccine?

I’m not planning on getting the vaccine. I don’t trust the timeframe they had to make it. Sometimes it takes years to get all the kinks worked out of a vaccine. But from talking to the older people around me I see how hard this is on them. They can’t go outside, they can’t visit their family, and most importantly they’re afraid. This tiny vaccine is hope and means the world to them, and I pray that not only will the vaccine help but that Mrs. Keenan and others like her will have hope again.


Revealed: Fox News Poll: Voters say US failed to take coronavirus threat seriously enough


When we first heard about the coronavirus, we weren’t sure what to think. We heard reports from China about how bad it was, but we thought it was just an overseas problem.When Covid 19 became an actual threat, President Donald Trump hurried into action and shut down our borders. That, unfortunately, didn’t help as we had already been receiving citizens from all around the world who had been in contact with Covid 19. Our President seeing the chaos happening immediately closed us down, sent us home, and told us to be patient and wait. What else could he do? What else could he say?

It’s funny how people are judging President Trump for not doing what was “right” for our country, but does anyone know what exactly we need? Our leaders tell us what they want us to believe every day, but do we know they are telling the truth? President Donald Trump did the best to protect our country from an unknown attacker, and I believe our country should thank him for this.


Revealed: Horrifying New Haunted House Just Full Of Regular People Not Wearing Masks


The absolute audacity the owners of this haunted house have. They’re so determined to win the crown of “most horrifying haunted house in the country” that they would put the lives of their employees and people entering the building at risk. They have no appreciation of human life and don’t even care that no one is wearing masks. Unsuspecting victims enter the house expecting a fun and spooky experience but are met with something absolutely horrifying instead. Consider changing too – I believe this establishment is an outrage and should immediately be shut down for the safety of these poor unsuspecting people. Our government is trying to keep us safe, and we, as good citizens of the United States, should help them by washing our hands, never going outside, and continuing to judge others for their misuse of their masks.

Nativity Scene DIY

Hey guys! My dad and I made a new template for a manger scene. I really like the turnout and I’m excited to share it with you, here’s how we did it.

We took a full sheet of plywood and sketched out baby Jesus in a manger, Mary, and Joseph. After that we took our jigsaw and cut out all the tinyyyy little pieces and the large ones.* We used leftover scrap to cut the star out. For the “barn” we used just pieces of pressure treated wood. And then to hold Mary, Joseph, and Jesus up we cut stakes out.

*Guys I totally recommend using a jigsaw if you ever need to do any work like this!

We used a tan/brown for Mary and Joseph. Black for the manger and light blue for Jesus. For the star we used a gray primer and then over sprayed that with a gold glitter. Fumes from paint can give you a headache and eventually cause problems so this is where the masks we use for everyday life came in handy.

Putting up this nativity in 25F degree weather was absolutely horrible but we got it done! We ended up having to put extra support on the “barn” because the area was super windy.


4×8 sheet of plywood (we had one laying around) original cost: $21

Pressure treated stakes (had them laying around) original cost: $10

Paint: $25

Total: $56

I’d like to also mention that time cost money as well. For this project we were making it for someone and they did pay us for our time as well. Don’t forget to add that into any order your making for someone!

See you all soon!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Hey guys! My family has been getting a real tree for the past couple of years, and this year with all the craziness going on, we had to tree shop in a different way. Usually, we make an evening of it. We leave our house around 2-3 pm and go tree shopping for an hour or more. This year I had school activities, so my family went ahead of me and started looking for a tree without me.
I drove the 30 minutes to the tree farm, and we walked maybe 2 minutes before my older sister called us over to a tree they found. My little sister and I drove the long way home singing Christmas music and being silly but had fun.
We got home set up our tree, and BOOM! We realized the lights we had were wayyyyyy too white and just nasty looking on our tree. The next day I had school till super late and couldn’t put the lights up. Saturday morning (my one day to sleep in) found me at 9 am stringing our new lights up. We decorated our tree and finally, after three days finished.

Let’s just say Christmas isn’t going how I’d like it. Nothing is the same this year and it’s tough. But even though getting that tree up was a pain, it really helped just bring back the traditional Christmas I’m used to. Now don’t get mad at me, I understand that Christmas is about Jesus and his birth but with the craziness of this year it’s nice to have something familiar to relate to this holiday season.

Also if you have a little time there is this pretty fun Christmas website that you can play games, listen to music, etc… so go check it out HERE!

Commentary of Genesis 4

Genesis 4 – Consequences 

In Genesis chapter 4 we see several things happen. First the mention of Adam and Eve’s offspring, the first sacrifices by people, and the first example of sin’s corruption outside of the Garden of Eden. We also see the consequences of disobedience and God’s mercy and compassion in Cain’s punishment. Even though he was an outcast, God gave him a special sign to keep him safe. But what lay in Cain’s heart to cause him to kill his brother Abel?

Abel, the second born, was a keeper of flocks while first born Cain worked the fields. When it came time for the sacrifices Abel brought forth, not only the best lamb he had to offer out of a reverent heart for the Lord, he also gave the type of sacrifice God required – a blood sacrifice. Cain, on the other hand, just brought some of his crops. While Abel gave the very best that he had and what the Lord required, Cain gave whatever he wanted. Although it is not clearly stated in this chapter, a blood sacrifice was required and Cain most likely knew this but ignored it. God accepted Abel’s in the end because he gave in obedience. Cain’s was rejected because his heart wasn’t right.

God takes obedience very seriously. In 1 Samuel 15 we see that when the Lord commanded Saul’s army to destroy all the Amalekites, including all their possessions and livestock, Saul’s clear disobedience ruined his chance of remaining king of Israel. We also see in Joshua 7 the tragedy of Achan’s disobedience. Like Saul he kept some of the spoil from Jericho and hid it, even though the Lord had commanded them to destroy it all. Sadly Achan’s family was also included in the punishment for his disobedience. These are just two of the many examples of God’s hatred of disobedience.

In contrast, examples of obedience are also found throughout scriptures. In Genesis 22 we see the testing of Abraham’s obedience when the Lord asks him to give up his only son and sacrifice him on an altar. This is after God’s promise to Abraham that He would make him the father of many nations. In Genesis 6 Noah showed obedience when the Lord told him to build an ark. He had never even seen rain and was building something large enough to protect his family and a bunch of animals he’s never heard of. Genesis 6:22 reads “Noah did everything just as God commanded him”. 

God’s character cares about a heart of obedience. God is pure, holy, and just. Abel understood and obeyed with a pure and reverent heart. Cain, sadly, didn’t understand or care about God’s character regarding obedience and the heart. His disobedience towards God shows the consequences of an impure heart.