Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Hey guys! My family has been getting a real tree for the past couple of years, and this year with all the craziness going on, we had to tree shop in a different way. Usually, we make an evening of it. We leave our house around 2-3 pm and go tree shopping for an hour or more. This year I had school activities, so my family went ahead of me and started looking for a tree without me.
I drove the 30 minutes to the tree farm, and we walked maybe 2 minutes before my older sister called us over to a tree they found. My little sister and I drove the long way home singing Christmas music and being silly but had fun.
We got home set up our tree, and BOOM! We realized the lights we had were wayyyyyy too white and just nasty looking on our tree. The next day I had school till super late and couldn’t put the lights up. Saturday morning (my one day to sleep in) found me at 9 am stringing our new lights up. We decorated our tree and finally, after three days finished.

Let’s just say Christmas isn’t going how I’d like it. Nothing is the same this year and it’s tough. But even though getting that tree up was a pain, it really helped just bring back the traditional Christmas I’m used to. Now don’t get mad at me, I understand that Christmas is about Jesus and his birth but with the craziness of this year it’s nice to have something familiar to relate to this holiday season.

Also if you have a little time there is this pretty fun Christmas website that you can play games, listen to music, etc… so go check it out HERE!

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