Nativity Scene DIY

Hey guys! My dad and I made a new template for a manger scene. I really like the turnout and I’m excited to share it with you, here’s how we did it.

We took a full sheet of plywood and sketched out baby Jesus in a manger, Mary, and Joseph. After that we took our jigsaw and cut out all the tinyyyy little pieces and the large ones.* We used leftover scrap to cut the star out. For the “barn” we used just pieces of pressure treated wood. And then to hold Mary, Joseph, and Jesus up we cut stakes out.

*Guys I totally recommend using a jigsaw if you ever need to do any work like this!

We used a tan/brown for Mary and Joseph. Black for the manger and light blue for Jesus. For the star we used a gray primer and then over sprayed that with a gold glitter. Fumes from paint can give you a headache and eventually cause problems so this is where the masks we use for everyday life came in handy.

Putting up this nativity in 25F degree weather was absolutely horrible but we got it done! We ended up having to put extra support on the “barn” because the area was super windy.


4×8 sheet of plywood (we had one laying around) original cost: $21

Pressure treated stakes (had them laying around) original cost: $10

Paint: $25

Total: $56

I’d like to also mention that time cost money as well. For this project we were making it for someone and they did pay us for our time as well. Don’t forget to add that into any order your making for someone!

See you all soon!

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