December Current Events

Hey guys! Today I’m going to stir the pot I suppose is the expression and share my schools current events that some of you may not agree with. That’s totally okay and I’d like to discuss your opinions on the topics I bring up! I will say though the last one is me just being kinda goofy but I’d like to hear your thoughts none the less.


Revealed: U.K. Begins Nationwide Coronavirus Immunization, Largest In Nation’s History

Margaret Keenan, excited to get a birthday present that may change her life. Months of distance from her family has taken a toll on her and now all you can see is the excitement on her face when she gets a Covid 19 vaccine. But is this vaccine safe? Do the benefits outway the issues that can come from receiving the vaccine?

I’m not planning on getting the vaccine. I don’t trust the timeframe they had to make it. Sometimes it takes years to get all the kinks worked out of a vaccine. But from talking to the older people around me I see how hard this is on them. They can’t go outside, they can’t visit their family, and most importantly they’re afraid. This tiny vaccine is hope and means the world to them, and I pray that not only will the vaccine help but that Mrs. Keenan and others like her will have hope again.


Revealed: Fox News Poll: Voters say US failed to take coronavirus threat seriously enough

When we first heard about the coronavirus, we weren’t sure what to think. We heard reports from China about how bad it was, but we thought it was just an overseas problem.When Covid 19 became an actual threat, President Donald Trump hurried into action and shut down our borders. That, unfortunately, didn’t help as we had already been receiving citizens from all around the world who had been in contact with Covid 19. Our President seeing the chaos happening immediately closed us down, sent us home, and told us to be patient and wait. What else could he do? What else could he say?

It’s funny how people are judging President Trump for not doing what was “right” for our country, but does anyone know what exactly we need? Our leaders tell us what they want us to believe every day, but do we know they are telling the truth? President Donald Trump did the best to protect our country from an unknown attacker, and I believe our country should thank him for this.


Revealed: Horrifying New Haunted House Just Full Of Regular People Not Wearing Masks

The absolute audacity the owners of this haunted house have. They’re so determined to win the crown of “most horrifying haunted house in the country” that they would put the lives of their employees and people entering the building at risk. They have no appreciation of human life and don’t even care that no one is wearing masks. Unsuspecting victims enter the house expecting a fun and spooky experience but are met with something absolutely horrifying instead. Consider changing too – I believe this establishment is an outrage and should immediately be shut down for the safety of these poor unsuspecting people. Our government is trying to keep us safe, and we, as good citizens of the United States, should help them by washing our hands, never going outside, and continuing to judge others for their misuse of their masks.

2 thoughts on “December Current Events

  1. That last one was way too funny!

    I’m not gonna get into everything on the other issues, but suffice to say, my opinion of the virus that shall not be named *halo* is more popular than the mainstream likes to think, haha!

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