Promised Land – Is Now Available for YOU!

Hey guys!! I’m excited to announce Hannah Gaudette has officially released her book “Promised Land” today!

Is it just me or is this cover, AMAZINGGGG?!!!!

About “Promised Land”: Talia has lived her whole life in the mountains, sheltered from the conflicts raging in her world. But when the flatlanders’ intolerance of her family’s faith in Adonai is brought to their doorstep, they are thrust into a struggle against the king’s “reformation” efforts, which are designed to change their beliefs through any means necessary.

The son of a reformer, Owen, was assigned as a spy to the mountains and was partly responsible for the arrest of Talia’s family. But this has never been a simple job for him. Family ties and a secret he swore to protect connect him to the Followers’ plight. The responsibility he feels towards Talia is dangerous; it could get him killed. But does he have a choice?

Talia watches a young reformer struggle to find where his loyalties lie. Owen witnesses the breaking of a young woman’s faith. And the stakes are higher than either of them imagined.

My review: The book “Promised Land” is exciting and a joy to read! The cover isn’t just the best part of the book, the plot is thrilling and really makes you want to turn the page and read more. I’ve known and followed Hannah’s blog and she’s such a cool person and author! So I encourage you to go buy the book yourself annnnd follow Hannah’s blog.

Where can you buy the book? Easy! CLICK HERE to buy the kindle version of “Promised Land” for only $2.99. Not only do you get to read the book you also get to support a young author!

About Hannah: Hannah Gaudette is a home-school graduate living in the hills of New England. When she’s not writing or playing with the dogs, it’s a safe bet you can find her with some other animal, like goats. She is the founder of a sustainable agriculture movement called STEWARDSHIP in central Maine. She’s a life-enthusiast and advocate for food allergy awareness, youth ministry, and service dogs. You can find her on Instagram and on her blog at

A Mile Walk

Hey guys! So my school assigned us to take a mile walk today. Random assignment yes but I took Winnie and Tirzah and off we went into the woods….here are some pictures I took during the walk!

That’s the end of my walk! It was really fun and the doggies had a blast!

See you all soon ❤️

Shower Construction Job

Hey guys! My dad and I came across this old weirdly colored shower that had no real plumbing. We thought it might be hard to chip off all the tile but it was super easy (which does show that there was some water damage from the condensation of the basement wall).

It took about three and a half hours and four million bruises but we finished it!

How do you guys think it turned out? Let me know! See you all ❤

A Sad Day…

Hey guys! I have a pretty sad story to tell you all.

Christmas morning brought such happiness for this young girl named Myrtle. She got an amazing present and felt so excited for the upcoming year! After Christmas she played with all the toys she got and got to drink some very “interesting” eggnog. She celebrated 2021 by watching some fun movies and going to bed at 1am.

When school started she was so excited to start her first day of school and bring all her new coloring books and pencils to school and show her friends. The first week of school went amazing in this new year, everyone was having a blast and being silly and talking about all their Christmas activities.

Saturday January 9th came and went with some extra sleeping in and homework. She even went outside and played in the snow a bit.

Sunday, January 10th everything started out normal. She woke up, made her bed, and sat down to do her devotions when everything turned south.

A huge black thing (unknown human or beast) came running into the room, pouncing on her and tore her all up. Then everything went dark.

She woke up in the emergency room, hooked up to tons of monitors and didn’t know at all what was going on. She was so scared and honestly thought she was dying…

We are currently still searching for the suspect although some evidence was left behind…

We are looking to question this one very suspicious suspect so if you’ve seen her please call us immediately.

Thank you!

Randomness Post #7?

Hey guys! I was looking through my blog and realized I haven’t been posting enough photography recently….so while I go and take some pictures for you, enjoy this super random post!

First off I wanted to share three almost identical pictures but from slightly different angles and different lighting. These flowers were a gift to my sister for her birthday and I just happened to snap a few pictures a while back of them that I never shared!

Cuteness alert! Meet our new addition to the family. He’s a 14 week old kitten named Frodo and is absolutely the softest, cuddliest, and calm kitten I’ve ever known. He loves scratches, playing with feathers, and trying to get the other animals to play with him. He’s such a good boy when sleeping and doesn’t wake up his mom L at all! Be prepared guys because they’re gonna be MANY photos of little Frodo soon!

Gingerbread contest my family had! I’ll number them and let me know in the comments which is your favorite! I’ll be admitting to which mine is either in the comments or my next post!

Now a little Abby story time/rant.

You get home from school or an event and you’re exhausted. You can’t wait to get to your room and soft warm bed. But wait, you forgot that earlier that morning you hit snooze three times and you couldn’t find your favorite shirt so you tore apart your room searching. Your rooms a mess and you can’t even see your bed through the clothes and blankets everywhere.

Rewind that day…

You set your alarm clock 5 minutes early, you got out of bed, made your bed, and picked up the folded clothes you had laid out the night before. Not only do you leave the room on time you left behind a made bed and tidy room.

I was challenged to make my bed, and clean my room for 40 days. Yes it’s super annoying sometimes when all you wanna do is sleep in a little longer but after about 30 days I suddenly saw myself becoming more efficient and enjoying the clean space. So I challenge you! Find someone to make you accountable (maybe even do it together) and make your bed for 40 days and straighten up your room every morning. You’ll get really annoyed at first but in the end you’ll see how much you love having a clean room and made bed!

See you all soon!

Our Legacy is Our Responsibility

If I were asked to summarize my life in one sentence, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’d like to believe I could make it somehow spiritual or make it seem mature and adultish, but in the end, all that comes to my mind is, “My life is broken, confused, and messed up.” But if I told anyone outside my family that sentence, they’d be confused. To them, I’m that girl who goes to church every week and reads her Bible. That girl who works well with older people and loves making things look nice. How can I make everyone think of me that way after I’m gone? How can I make everyone never find out my past mistakes and always see that seemingly cool Christian girl? 

Sadly our mistakes follow us everywhere in life, and we can never hide them forever. But we can overcome them. I want my legacy to be something worth knowing. I want people to look at me and see my mistakes and learn from them. A quote I found thought-provoking is, “Please think about your legacy because you’re writing it every day” -Gary Vaynerchuck. Think about it; we’re novels. Hundreds of chapters that cover every little detail; from our childhood, to favorite foods, to scariest memories. Everything we do is recorded, so what legacy do we want to leave?

I need to identify three main questions. First, what are my responsibilities? I’m responsible for encouraging, guiding, and loving others. Christ ultimately brings people to him, he leads them, but it’s my job to help them get there. I can’t just continue in the path of unrighteousness and still preach Christ’s love. I have to instead lead by example. Showing them that Christ forgives all and holds nothing against us. My responsibilities may sound strange, and I may not fully understand how to live them out, but through Christ’s love, forgiveness, and His outstanding guidance, I can know that even through mistake after mistake, He still loves me and will lead me.

The second question is, what are my abilities? Honestly, some days it feels like I have none. It feels like I have nothing and know nothing. But my abilities may be hard to see sometimes, but I know I can lead. Countless times I’ve been told I can lead but that I need to know when to lead and when to shut up, which is very accurate. Coming from a home life where everything must be clean, no one swearing, and everyone pitches in to do the workload make it difficult when I’m in a situation where not everyone thinks that way. God gave me the ability to see those areas and use me to help others. Unfortunately, sometimes my “great” leading abilities get in the way, and I get in trouble, but that’s when I need to trust God to tell me when to lead and when to let others.

Last question, what are my opportunities? Every day I’m given a testing time to use my leading ability for good. When to know when to apply it is the tricky part. It’s hard to distinguish between when to lead and when to let others. At church, I’m involved with working on the sound/live stream team. Frequently I find myself taking over when I should be sitting back and letting others learn to lead. An excellent opportunity to use my leadership skills is to show others how to lead. Let them see you lead one day, and then give them a chance also to lead. 

So now you’re wondering how does the beginning of this paper tie in with the end? My leadership skills are my legacy. My leadership skills have impacted the adults I’ve been around. And I credit that to Jesus. Kids around me may have leadership skills, but they ain’t got nothing on me without a True Leader above them. Even though every day, I struggle to use my leading skills in the right way, I know that the Leader above me will tell me when to use my skills and when not to.

I hope my answers weren’t confusing, and you can more clearly understand why our legacy is so essential. We are each given a task, and that task is to live our lives for the glory and honor of Jesus. So I’ll leave you with this challenge; what will your legacy look like?