Our Legacy is Our Responsibility

If I were asked to summarize my life in one sentence, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’d like to believe I could make it somehow spiritual or make it seem mature and adultish, but in the end, all that comes to my mind is, “My life is broken, confused, and messed up.” But if I told anyone outside my family that sentence, they’d be confused. To them, I’m that girl who goes to church every week and reads her Bible. That girl who works well with older people and loves making things look nice. How can I make everyone think of me that way after I’m gone? How can I make everyone never find out my past mistakes and always see that seemingly cool Christian girl? 

Sadly our mistakes follow us everywhere in life, and we can never hide them forever. But we can overcome them. I want my legacy to be something worth knowing. I want people to look at me and see my mistakes and learn from them. A quote I found thought-provoking is, “Please think about your legacy because you’re writing it every day” -Gary Vaynerchuck. Think about it; we’re novels. Hundreds of chapters that cover every little detail; from our childhood, to favorite foods, to scariest memories. Everything we do is recorded, so what legacy do we want to leave?

I need to identify three main questions. First, what are my responsibilities? I’m responsible for encouraging, guiding, and loving others. Christ ultimately brings people to him, he leads them, but it’s my job to help them get there. I can’t just continue in the path of unrighteousness and still preach Christ’s love. I have to instead lead by example. Showing them that Christ forgives all and holds nothing against us. My responsibilities may sound strange, and I may not fully understand how to live them out, but through Christ’s love, forgiveness, and His outstanding guidance, I can know that even through mistake after mistake, He still loves me and will lead me.

The second question is, what are my abilities? Honestly, some days it feels like I have none. It feels like I have nothing and know nothing. But my abilities may be hard to see sometimes, but I know I can lead. Countless times I’ve been told I can lead but that I need to know when to lead and when to shut up, which is very accurate. Coming from a home life where everything must be clean, no one swearing, and everyone pitches in to do the workload make it difficult when I’m in a situation where not everyone thinks that way. God gave me the ability to see those areas and use me to help others. Unfortunately, sometimes my “great” leading abilities get in the way, and I get in trouble, but that’s when I need to trust God to tell me when to lead and when to let others.

Last question, what are my opportunities? Every day I’m given a testing time to use my leading ability for good. When to know when to apply it is the tricky part. It’s hard to distinguish between when to lead and when to let others. At church, I’m involved with working on the sound/live stream team. Frequently I find myself taking over when I should be sitting back and letting others learn to lead. An excellent opportunity to use my leadership skills is to show others how to lead. Let them see you lead one day, and then give them a chance also to lead. 

So now you’re wondering how does the beginning of this paper tie in with the end? My leadership skills are my legacy. My leadership skills have impacted the adults I’ve been around. And I credit that to Jesus. Kids around me may have leadership skills, but they ain’t got nothing on me without a True Leader above them. Even though every day, I struggle to use my leading skills in the right way, I know that the Leader above me will tell me when to use my skills and when not to.

I hope my answers weren’t confusing, and you can more clearly understand why our legacy is so essential. We are each given a task, and that task is to live our lives for the glory and honor of Jesus. So I’ll leave you with this challenge; what will your legacy look like?

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