Randomness Post #7?

Hey guys! I was looking through my blog and realized I haven’t been posting enough photography recently….so while I go and take some pictures for you, enjoy this super random post!

First off I wanted to share three almost identical pictures but from slightly different angles and different lighting. These flowers were a gift to my sister for her birthday and I just happened to snap a few pictures a while back of them that I never shared!

Cuteness alert! Meet our new addition to the family. He’s a 14 week old kitten named Frodo and is absolutely the softest, cuddliest, and calm kitten I’ve ever known. He loves scratches, playing with feathers, and trying to get the other animals to play with him. He’s such a good boy when sleeping and doesn’t wake up his mom L at all! Be prepared guys because they’re gonna be MANY photos of little Frodo soon!

Gingerbread contest my family had! I’ll number them and let me know in the comments which is your favorite! I’ll be admitting to which mine is either in the comments or my next post!

Now a little Abby story time/rant.

You get home from school or an event and you’re exhausted. You can’t wait to get to your room and soft warm bed. But wait, you forgot that earlier that morning you hit snooze three times and you couldn’t find your favorite shirt so you tore apart your room searching. Your rooms a mess and you can’t even see your bed through the clothes and blankets everywhere.

Rewind that day…

You set your alarm clock 5 minutes early, you got out of bed, made your bed, and picked up the folded clothes you had laid out the night before. Not only do you leave the room on time you left behind a made bed and tidy room.

I was challenged to make my bed, and clean my room for 40 days. Yes it’s super annoying sometimes when all you wanna do is sleep in a little longer but after about 30 days I suddenly saw myself becoming more efficient and enjoying the clean space. So I challenge you! Find someone to make you accountable (maybe even do it together) and make your bed for 40 days and straighten up your room every morning. You’ll get really annoyed at first but in the end you’ll see how much you love having a clean room and made bed!

See you all soon!

6 thoughts on “Randomness Post #7?

  1. Awesome post! Those gingerbread houses are so cute. I think my favorite are 1 and 5, although it’s hard to choose XD I’m very curious which one was yours!
    The kitten is SO cute! ❤ 😀

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    1. Now it’s a funny you picked those two. Those were the winners of our contest at home. Mine is number 2, yes it’s “interesting”. When I got my gingerbread house out of the packet it broke and the icing wasn’t holding it together so I grabbed a hot glue gun and started working on it. I put the candy on the roof to cover all the cracks and basically went a little overboard with it 😂 so mine one the “creative colors” award haha

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