A Sad Day…

Hey guys! I have a pretty sad story to tell you all.

Christmas morning brought such happiness for this young girl named Myrtle. She got an amazing present and felt so excited for the upcoming year! After Christmas she played with all the toys she got and got to drink some very “interesting” eggnog. She celebrated 2021 by watching some fun movies and going to bed at 1am.

When school started she was so excited to start her first day of school and bring all her new coloring books and pencils to school and show her friends. The first week of school went amazing in this new year, everyone was having a blast and being silly and talking about all their Christmas activities.

Saturday January 9th came and went with some extra sleeping in and homework. She even went outside and played in the snow a bit.

Sunday, January 10th everything started out normal. She woke up, made her bed, and sat down to do her devotions when everything turned south.

A huge black thing (unknown human or beast) came running into the room, pouncing on her and tore her all up. Then everything went dark.

She woke up in the emergency room, hooked up to tons of monitors and didn’t know at all what was going on. She was so scared and honestly thought she was dying…

We are currently still searching for the suspect although some evidence was left behind…

We are looking to question this one very suspicious suspect so if you’ve seen her please call us immediately.

Thank you!

17 thoughts on “A Sad Day…

  1. That was terrifying, poignant, hilarious and suspenseful all in the same post! I think the evidence is pointing toward Winnie!! Or maybe it was a setup by Dewey to get Winnie in trouble? Great post! And glad Myrtle will live.

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  2. I was frankly terrified when I read your post! 😨😱 😂 I had to reread it at least 3 times to realize it wasn’t a human 😅 Very well done ❤️👍

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