February Current Events!

Hello all! Here are my February current events from school. Like I said with the previous ones these are my opinions, I don’t mean to offend anyone and don’t want to get in a huge argument. BUT all that being said I’d love to hear your opinions so let’s chat in the comments about what you think.

Revealed: United pilot called ‘mayday, mayday’ amid engine failure after Denver takeoff


There is something just so chilling hearing those two words, “mayday, mayday.” Thoughts run through your head, reminding you of the movies where planes right before they crash shout MAYDAY! In this case, everything turned out well, and no one was injured, but it does give me chills to imagine being in an airplane that’s motor is on fire. Why did the engine blow up? Was it handled well? 

This pilot was fantastic, and I am sure I would have been on the floor in tears. Engine failures are not usual, and one out of 375,000 results in the plane coming down. We most likely will not hear about what caused this engine failure, although this article makes people a little more worked up than they should be. Instead of naming the article, with such a scary title, instead focus on the fantastic pilot and his calm thinking and how no one was injured.

Revealed: 7 Poll Workers Killed By Landmine Amid Historic Niger Vote


It is a sad day when you realize that this is our lives now. We live in fear every day about some of the scariest things. Unfortunately, when it comes to politics, we cannot escape it. These Nigeria poll works, which I am sure had families at home, were doing what they thought was right for their country to get killed on their way to polling stations in the southwest of their country Nigeria. As they may not have been deliberately targeted, it is sad to see such heartache within a country. Why kill these workers?

Everyone has a voice, a say, an opinion, but few can express it well. Some choose to shout, some choose to be quiet, others choose to cause commotion and sadness. Of course, we cannot blame the election between the governing candidate parties because pointing fingers at each other is not a way to get anything done. I feel such sorrow for these poor families who lost loved ones, and I feel strongly that whoever did this needs to get caught and held for their actions.

Revealed: What is Donald Trump doing now he is no longer president?


Stating your opinions is an essential part of life, but disrespect, no one deserves, let alone someone who stuck with us through some of the most challenging ordeals the US has ever faced. Donald Trump not only used his own money to fund his presidency, but he also supplied us with new ideas that helped shape us into who we are now. Yes, it may be evident that I am a Trump supporter but doesn’t anyone else see through the flaws that our current government deems legal?

What makes this article bug me, though, is why do we have to attack someone? We can voice our opinions respectfully without hurling shame and accusations when we do not know the whole truth. Yes, Trump had his flaws, so did every other President before him, but before we know the absolute 100% whole truth, let’s take a quick trip back to March 2020 and walk in this man’s shoes for a day or two.

Remember this is my opinion and you may have a different one, so let’s talk about it in the comments!

Another Attack!

Another attack happened just last week…

Julia Pheasant, a young college student was watching tv in her house on February 5th. The news was on and was talking all about those wanted for crimes hard for us to imagine. She was shocked how low some people would go. How could anyone take someone as sweet looking as this young girl named Myrtle and want to hurt her!

Julia heard noises outside but assumed it was her neighbor who was cleaning off the sidewalk for her. After about 15 minutes of loud bumps and scraping, silence came. She got up to grab cookies for her neighbor to thank him when all of a sudden out of nowhere the door caved in and she found herself looking at a masked intruder.

Everything went black……

She woke up in the emergency room, hooked up to tons of monitors and didn’t know at all what was going on.

Julia needed many stitches and operations and the doctors really didn’t have much hope for her….

HELP US FIND WHO DID THIS! We think they may have been connected to Myrtle’s attack HERE

We believe this is what the culprit looks like

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January Current Events

I know this is a bit late, but here are some current events I wrote for the month of January! Remember we may not have the same opinion on things but that’s okay! It just gives us the opportunity to discuss!

Revealed: After Inaugural Performance, Poet Amanda Gorman Tops The Amazon Bestseller List


Amanda Gorman’s poem was awe-inspiring and drew your attention. Her life is a fascinating one, being raised by a single mother, Amanda suffers from an auditory processing disorder and is very sensitive to sounds. It seems that the things she most struggles with life brought out truly the best in her. At the age of 22, she inspired us all with her poem “The Hill We Climb,” which was inspired by the Capital’s attack on January 6, 2021.

I was moved by her poem and the fact she finished it days before Bidens Inauguration. Her confidence in front of millions of people is something I strive for every day. I want to ask her what went through her mind when she was asked to speak at the inauguration. Was she nervous? Excited? “The Hill We Climb” was an absolute wonder, and I think everyone should go back and listen to it.

Revealed: Covid variant found in UK may be more deadly than others, says Boris Johnson


This new covid variant found in Europe is a strain on us all. How can we stand to survive another wave? The news is so depressing and is causing a weight on all of us. “We’ve been informed that in addition to spreading more quickly… there is some evidence that the new variant…may be more associated with a higher degree of mortality,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a press conference. Unfortunately, that isn’t a great encouragement to an already tired and worn out country.

Yes, we should learn everything there is to know about this new strain, but we should also share encouragement and lead one another along with prayers and joy (and maybe a plateful of virtual cookies).

Revealed: Great Escapes


It surprises me how escape rooms grew to be such an exciting popular family and friends activity. The concept behind it is unique and makes you slightly scared to be in a locked room that you can’t get out. Takao Kato started the idea of escape rooms in Japan around 2007. The creators wanted to put the players in a real-life situation. The escape room idea is to have you and the group of people work together and answer all the clues to get out. Thankfully the room is designed to immediately open if anything goes wrong or if you run out of time. 

I think escape rooms are such a fun idea! Working together to solve things sounds like a unique way to bring unity or cause many arguments. I would be very nervous that a door would malfunction and I’d be permanently stuck, but I think before I push it out of my mind, I’ll try one out!

Let’s chat in the comments, what do you think about these current events?

The Shunammite Woman Journal Entry

Hey guys! Here’s a journal entry I had to write for school based off 2 Kings 4: 8 – 37, yes the dates are probably off but it’s just supposed to be something interesting. Enjoy 🙂

Rachel – 927BC

It feels like forever since I last recorded the events going on. Elisha has been passing by more and more these days. I asked my husband if we could make some sort of room for Elisha to rest in. He readily agreed and we ended up turning our spare room upstairs into a very nice guest room. I just finished decorating it with some reeds I found. The bed my husband built was one of the best I’ve ever seen. This new design came out that lifts the bed off the ground and uses tightly bound ropes to keep the bed off the floor. It’s such a wonderful creation as it really keeps the bed from getting so dirty and is so much easier to make and involves less laundry. Elisha seems to like the room and is very kind to us…

Rachel – 921BC

So much has happened since I last wrote. I had a son! Just like Elisha predicted. I can’t believe I get to hold such a blessing everyday. He’s now 11 years old and watching him grow is amazing. He’s just so sweet and has the silliest expressions about eating his vegetables. My husband and him are out in the fields with some other reapers. I can’t even fathom how amazing my husband has been as a father. They both get into so much trouble but fill my life with such joy…..oh dear I hear shouting outside.

My son is dead….how can this be? He was just so happy and filled with life. What sins did I commit to have this sorrow fall on us? I must find Elisha immediately!

Rachel – 921BC

Miracles never cease…I found Elisha and he sent his servant Gehazi to lay his staff on my son’s head and heal him but it wasn’t enough. I almost gave up hope but then Elisha went and I’m not exactly sure what he did….it was just such a whirl of emotions I felt. When my son opened his eyes I almost fainted from joy. Just seeing those beautiful brown eyes filled such happiness into me I can’t even describe it. I don’t think I will ever doubt this man of God ever again.