The Shunammite Woman Journal Entry

Hey guys! Here’s a journal entry I had to write for school based off 2 Kings 4: 8 – 37, yes the dates are probably off but it’s just supposed to be something interesting. Enjoy 🙂

Rachel – 927BC

It feels like forever since I last recorded the events going on. Elisha has been passing by more and more these days. I asked my husband if we could make some sort of room for Elisha to rest in. He readily agreed and we ended up turning our spare room upstairs into a very nice guest room. I just finished decorating it with some reeds I found. The bed my husband built was one of the best I’ve ever seen. This new design came out that lifts the bed off the ground and uses tightly bound ropes to keep the bed off the floor. It’s such a wonderful creation as it really keeps the bed from getting so dirty and is so much easier to make and involves less laundry. Elisha seems to like the room and is very kind to us…

Rachel – 921BC

So much has happened since I last wrote. I had a son! Just like Elisha predicted. I can’t believe I get to hold such a blessing everyday. He’s now 11 years old and watching him grow is amazing. He’s just so sweet and has the silliest expressions about eating his vegetables. My husband and him are out in the fields with some other reapers. I can’t even fathom how amazing my husband has been as a father. They both get into so much trouble but fill my life with such joy…..oh dear I hear shouting outside.

My son is dead….how can this be? He was just so happy and filled with life. What sins did I commit to have this sorrow fall on us? I must find Elisha immediately!

Rachel – 921BC

Miracles never cease…I found Elisha and he sent his servant Gehazi to lay his staff on my son’s head and heal him but it wasn’t enough. I almost gave up hope but then Elisha went and I’m not exactly sure what he did….it was just such a whirl of emotions I felt. When my son opened his eyes I almost fainted from joy. Just seeing those beautiful brown eyes filled such happiness into me I can’t even describe it. I don’t think I will ever doubt this man of God ever again.

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