Another Attack!

Another attack happened just last week…

Julia Pheasant, a young college student was watching tv in her house on February 5th. The news was on and was talking all about those wanted for crimes hard for us to imagine. She was shocked how low some people would go. How could anyone take someone as sweet looking as this young girl named Myrtle and want to hurt her!

Julia heard noises outside but assumed it was her neighbor who was cleaning off the sidewalk for her. After about 15 minutes of loud bumps and scraping, silence came. She got up to grab cookies for her neighbor to thank him when all of a sudden out of nowhere the door caved in and she found herself looking at a masked intruder.

Everything went black……

She woke up in the emergency room, hooked up to tons of monitors and didn’t know at all what was going on.

Julia needed many stitches and operations and the doctors really didn’t have much hope for her….

HELP US FIND WHO DID THIS! We think they may have been connected to Myrtle’s attack HERE

We believe this is what the culprit looks like

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