February Current Events!

Hello all! Here are my February current events from school. Like I said with the previous ones these are my opinions, I don’t mean to offend anyone and don’t want to get in a huge argument. BUT all that being said I’d love to hear your opinions so let’s chat in the comments about what you think.

Revealed: United pilot called ‘mayday, mayday’ amid engine failure after Denver takeoff


There is something just so chilling hearing those two words, “mayday, mayday.” Thoughts run through your head, reminding you of the movies where planes right before they crash shout MAYDAY! In this case, everything turned out well, and no one was injured, but it does give me chills to imagine being in an airplane that’s motor is on fire. Why did the engine blow up? Was it handled well? 

This pilot was fantastic, and I am sure I would have been on the floor in tears. Engine failures are not usual, and one out of 375,000 results in the plane coming down. We most likely will not hear about what caused this engine failure, although this article makes people a little more worked up than they should be. Instead of naming the article, with such a scary title, instead focus on the fantastic pilot and his calm thinking and how no one was injured.

Revealed: 7 Poll Workers Killed By Landmine Amid Historic Niger Vote


It is a sad day when you realize that this is our lives now. We live in fear every day about some of the scariest things. Unfortunately, when it comes to politics, we cannot escape it. These Nigeria poll works, which I am sure had families at home, were doing what they thought was right for their country to get killed on their way to polling stations in the southwest of their country Nigeria. As they may not have been deliberately targeted, it is sad to see such heartache within a country. Why kill these workers?

Everyone has a voice, a say, an opinion, but few can express it well. Some choose to shout, some choose to be quiet, others choose to cause commotion and sadness. Of course, we cannot blame the election between the governing candidate parties because pointing fingers at each other is not a way to get anything done. I feel such sorrow for these poor families who lost loved ones, and I feel strongly that whoever did this needs to get caught and held for their actions.

Revealed: What is Donald Trump doing now he is no longer president?


Stating your opinions is an essential part of life, but disrespect, no one deserves, let alone someone who stuck with us through some of the most challenging ordeals the US has ever faced. Donald Trump not only used his own money to fund his presidency, but he also supplied us with new ideas that helped shape us into who we are now. Yes, it may be evident that I am a Trump supporter but doesn’t anyone else see through the flaws that our current government deems legal?

What makes this article bug me, though, is why do we have to attack someone? We can voice our opinions respectfully without hurling shame and accusations when we do not know the whole truth. Yes, Trump had his flaws, so did every other President before him, but before we know the absolute 100% whole truth, let’s take a quick trip back to March 2020 and walk in this man’s shoes for a day or two.

Remember this is my opinion and you may have a different one, so let’s talk about it in the comments!

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