With God Anything is Possible

Hello all! Something I know each and everyone of us (unless your one of the lucky few) has struggled with acne. I think what the worst part is about it though is that it always starts at the most awkward part of your life.

Mine started when I was 11 I believe. It mostly stayed on my forehead which was fine as I could cover it with my hair. Then it slowly crept down my face and onto my shoulders, chest, and back. It was SO embarrassing. I always thought people would think I never showered or didn’t wash my face but that is so untrue. My mom would take me to the dermatologist and they’d prescribe medicine that just wouldn’t work. Maybe it slowed it for a bit but not enough to actually help.

We kept moving up and up to the strongest medicine that could fix acne and then I was prescribed Accutane. Probably known as one of the most invasive acne medicines there are and one that can cause serious side effects if you’re not careful. I’m not gonna lie guys I had totally mixed feelings…I didn’t want to take the medicine but I also wanted to get rid of the fact I looked like I didn’t shower.

I started Accutane the first week of November, it really didn’t show me any new results…but I also noticed I wasn’t breaking out as much anymore. Then January hit and my skin was as dry as it could be, blots of dry areas were everywhere on my arms that it was almost to itchy to wear a coat.

But then February…I took a minute to look in the mirror and I saw it, my acne was actually going away!! Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I get it, that I understand what it feels like to go through the pain of feeling gross. I want you to get up and look in the mirror, because YOU were made in the image of God and are perfect. Don’t let those thoughts tell you otherwise! I also want to encourage you, when something could be helpful and beneficial to you don’t reject it immediately. Instead sit down and pray because “With God ANYTHING is possible.”

Here’s just a quick look at how much it’s helped….

So yes it isn’t all cleared up but it’s so much better! I’m so thankfully for God and for the wisdom he gave men and women in the medical field!

See you all soon ❤

*Note: I’m not promoting Accutane, I’m just saying what worked for me! Please don’t think you need to use this medicine unless your doctor recommends it*

8 thoughts on “With God Anything is Possible

  1. This is a really uplifting and encouraging post.

    I feel like people with acne just don’t understand but this helps bring awareness and gives others ideas of what they might be able to use or talk with their doctor about.

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