The Importance of Online Safety

Hello all! Recently I’ve noticed more and more of my friends (blogging and in my life) have shared information online that may give away a little too much about their location, their family, and their own personal lives.

I know from personal experience as I used to talk to people online and I’m pretty sure at least 80% of them were not real or wanted something from me. I shared personal information with them and now I’m paying for it. Please don’t get caught in something like that!

I don’t want to preach but I also don’t want any of my friends or family jeopardized!

  • Do any of your pictures have your address in it?
  • Do you have any birthdates listed that aren’t yours? (a hacker can easily get your info with just a birthdate)
  • Do your pictures include anyone who wouldn’t want to be in them?
  • Are you telling people where your vacationing WHILE you vacation?
  • When someone asks where you live in the comments are you telling them?
  • If your going to a particular college do you NEED to tell them where?

Guys we NEED to be careful! Don’t let someone get your personal information! If something looks weird then it probably is! Don’t be afraid to speak out about it, don’t be afraid to block them, but most importantly DON’T hide anything from your family!

If you need to talk to someone about your experience or things your concerned about contact me through my contact page! I’m here for ya’ll!

8 thoughts on “The Importance of Online Safety

  1. This is such an important topic, Abby! More and more it seems like people are just exposing every little jot and tittle regarding their lives over the internet to who knows who… 😦
    I had an experience like that once on Instagram a few years back. It was quite scary and alarming, and I made the mistake of assuming that everything was fine, so I didn’t let my parents know soon enough. What wound up happening was that I needed to erase my entire account — just to err on the safe side…FOR which I am exceedingly grateful and FROM which I learned a very valuable lesson!
    Just because everyone else decides to allow the world to know and see personal information doesn’t mean it’s the wisest or best decision.
    Thanks for addressing this, Abby! I think we all need to have this reminder… ❤

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