Colonial Virginia

Hello all! Yes I still live, this post has been in my thoughts for forever! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these photos I took. My school went to a trip to Virginia, we visited Jeffersons house in Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, and even Yorktown! It was so much fun although very hot.

Monticello was a very interesting place, they have a amazing set up and were so kind and helpful to my group!

Williamsburg was so beautiful! We got to go on a VERYYYY long tour and then got to explore the little town they have their and eat at The Cheese Shop. The tour guides were super kind and the people dressed up as characters from Williamsburg really helped pull it up together.


I absolutely loved this part of the trip! Not only did we just get to ride around, but we got to see dolphins too! The “cruise” lasted two hours and when it ended we all got pizza.

The USS Wisconsin was beautiful but going down inside the boat I panicked a bit as I really don’t like tight places. So don’t worry guys I’m not joining the Navy anytime soon!

And that was our trip! Overall it was fun and I really suggest your family go visit too!