Can You Paint Over Scars?

Scars are everywhere. Emotional, physical, and mental, you will find every person you meet with some sort of scar. Now I’m not talking about those scars we get when we forget to use gloves when we put wood on the fire or when we get stitches after crashing our bike. I’m talking about those scars we get when we feel like we can’t handle life anymore or think that pain will take away the sadness we feel. I’m talking about those times someone called you something, and you now walk around with those words they’ve said about you, the emotional scars we get from a breakup and the feeling of abandonment or the sense of being unloved.

How can we know what scars other people have? Do we just walk up and ask? Not. At. All. Instead, if we genuinely care, we become close friends with them, we show them we love them unconditionally. No one wants you to try to “fix” them. They just want you to show that you care.

Do I have scars? Yes. Not physical (unless you count the burn on my lip from eating a flaming marshmallow). I’m stuck with emotional scars from the memories of what I did when I was younger. I’ll admit I messed up a lot as a teenager. I looked/watched things that have left me with scars. I’ve talked to people online that have messed me up mentally and left me with huge scars that are taking years and years to heal. People have said things to me in person that have ruined the way I act around them and strangers.

When I was younger, I hid things from my family, and when hiding something in my room, I would slide a chair over and prop it up against my door. It left HUGE marks and dents all over my walls. Something I was blessed with this year was my parents gave me permission to redo my room. I won’t be sharing any photos as I want to keep that personal, BUT when I painted my room, I covered those dents, I covered those “scars” that were memories of sadness and hiding things.

So can we paint over our personal scars? No, not really. Can we heal those scars? No, not really. Can we recover from those scars and make them good memories and reminders that we are healed? Yes. We can be better as a world. We can show others that we are strong. Don’t let anything hold you down. Lift your head up and be strong. Show the world that you can beat those sad memories.

Let’s show the world what we can do. Love each other, pray for each other and grow together and prove those who doubt you wrong.

6 thoughts on “Can You Paint Over Scars?

  1. Wow. That brought tears to my eyes. I hope it might encourage someone else that’s struggling with something today. You don’t have to be defined by your past.

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  2. Wow, this is so beautiful, Abby Rose. I really needed this today. I have a lot of really ugly, physical scars from stupid and painful things that I did and they’ve been weighing heavily on my mind the past couple days. Thank you. ❤

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  3. So sorry Abby for all that you been through. I love your room! Yes, I have scars also but praying does help a lot.
    Love you sweetie.

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  4. Beautiful post, Abby!! I can totally concur. Scars leave such havoc and wreckage in the hearts, minds, spirits and souls of those who have undergone things like that. I know I’m one of them, I’ll admit. But praise the Lord, when we are His, we are a New creation!! “The old has gone, the new has come!”
    Thank you for your insightful, thoughtful post ❤

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