The Sea Island Resort

Hello all! My family got to experience this beautiful, amazing resort. The weather was perfect and seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time was gorgeous. Here’s a few pictures I took on the trip!

Next up are more fun pictures/selfies I took!

The resort had some really cool restaurants, the food was super expensive but good.

And that’s it ya’ll! This trip was amazing! If you ever are able to visit the Sea Island Resort in Georgia, definitely check it out!

See ya soon!

A Busy Summer!

Hello all, long time no see! This summer has been one of the busiest I’ve ever had. It started off with theatre camps. I helped to direct two of them (also led devotions for one).

After that I left for a two week long film camp. It was an amazing experience. We started off with a challenge to make in 12 hours a short film based of the verse Matthew 6:24, it was so hard and challenging but turned out pretty well. We then had two full days of sessions about filming and WOWW I learned so much. I took 10 pages of notes!

After that we were assigned what we would be doing in the longer film the entire group would be making. I was put in the position of assistant editor and PA (aka general helper making sure everyone had water, snacks, and helping with anything else on set). I may not have enjoyed every second of being “helper” but I learned more then I thought and I’m glad now I didn’t have any other important jobs.

Filming went well, we had 5 full days of filming (a lot of the time I would edit while they filmed). After filming was over, me and the other assistant editor, edited for 10 hours straight. It was so exhausting! The last day of film camp we were able to see our work in the very very rough draft. Thankfully the amazing teachers at the camp editing it more for us so we will have a final project eventually.

It was absolutely exhausting but really worth it.

I won’t be posting any pictures till later because my phone has decided it doesn’t like me! I also can’t name the camp right now, BUT if you send me a message through my contact page I can send you the name if you’re interested.

Prepare for a photo haul eventually 😂 see you all soon!