Bus Update #3

Hey guys! This past month has flown by and I can’t believe it’s almost October!! I have a 3rd update on my bus though! It’s going pretty slowly because life is so insanely busy (with events, jobs, and the daily routine). Being a homeschooled senior is actually kinda easy since I have most of my credits already done! The bus is my senior project so I really want to focus on it but it’s hard to find time.

Here is the latest update:

We put the bus on a slant so we could easily see the buses undercarriage and then got to work with our neighbors pressure washer. It was actually pretty easy but very time consuming. We were pressure washing the bottom to get the rust pieces loose (the bus has a lot of rust problems underneath). After we got the majority of it loose we went ahead and pressure washed the engine compartment, being very careful to keep water out from anywhere it shouldn’t be. The total cost for this was $10 dollars and I also sold two more seats.

Have a great day!

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