It’s Time To Say Goodbye…

Hello all! Blogging has been one of my favorite things to do these last few years. I started in August 2018 and have grown more as a writer, photographer, and person. Life has changed this past year dramatically. I’ve fallen in love with my best friend and am now engaged!

I’ve sold my bus and will hopefully continue the project with a smaller bus/van. I’ve been busy with my senior year of school, activities, and random field trips. I also went to a ball recently, got my senior pictures taken, and been looking into what adventures I get to go on next!

We also got our Christmas tree recently. It’s gorgeous! We had an “interesting” time finding it, but it feels so much more Christmasy now that it’s up.

All this to say, I’ve enjoyed blogging a lot, and even though I’ll be leaving my blog up, and maybe one day coming back to post, I’ve decided to stop blogging until the foreseeable future. Thank you all for supporting me these past years and helping me grow.

Love you guys and Merry Christmas ❤