Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!


 These past weeks have been a blur! I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas! It feels like just yesterday it was Summer out 🙂 I’m just going to do a quick recap of what I have been doing these past weeks! And then I’ll get on with a more Christmasy post! 


We had caroling last week and because it was dark out I don’t have any photos but I wanted to share this hilarious Studio C video I think you’ll enjoy that depicts carolers!


The next exciting thing was that I got my ears pierced! It didn’t really hurt though I did feel like passing out. 



Next up is a Christmas concert my sisters and I had! That went really well and afterward while L and dad went to get the car my little sis and I decided to snap a few silly selfies (blurring for privacy reasons)! 


We had a Christmas party at our house and had about 30 guests which was awesome! Annd again I don’t have any photos…but here’s a photo that I think depicts the rush for everyone to get snacks very well!

crazy christmas


So a few days ago we decided to give Winnie one of her presents early and if you know her at all she LOVES tennis balls!! Sooo we got her a giant one! You should have seen her eyes when I gave it to her! 



Another exciting thing was the beautiful Christmas eve service tonight! I sang Mary, did you know…which I’ll be sharing with you guys soon. Here’s the fun selfie we took right before the service!



I’m linking my Christmas post HERE from last year (2018) that I did so you guys can read the Christmas story! I’ll be doing a post next week of gifts and what we do tomorrow!


See you guys soon! Merrrry Christmas, everyone!


Christmas tree, Shoes, annd Chocolate Milk!

Welcome back, guys! Today I’m super excited to share with you the awesome pictures I was able to take while on our Christmas tree search. The past few years we’ve been getting a blue spruce tree. As my mom put it we have many “discussions” trying to find the perfect tree and this year it took us under 20 minutes to find it!!!


It was such a fun day…we went to a small cafe for breakfast (chocolate milk is THE best)!


….and then to a thrift store (where I found a 15 dollar wedding dress…I didn’t buy it),


after that, we went to a shoe store and we all found the comfiest sneakers!


After that, we went Christmas tree shopping found an amazing tree and came home. We then set up our tree and decorated it while playing Christmas music.

My little sister and I made a gingerbread house which was super fun but incredibly messy! Whoever designed those icing bags now has me to haunt their dreams (the icing bag kept opening)! 


Along with all the Christmas festivities, we (my dad and me) have been busy hunting 🙂 I got a 6 point and my dad got a doe. He’s hoping to get his buck soon. Today was the last day for me so I didn’t get my doe, though I did miss one a few days ago.


Well…so as not to end on that odd note, head on over to Ezra’s Everything Spot and check out his awesome blog! 


Have a great week, ya’ll!

Christmas Play 2019

Hello everyone! So this past week I was in a production called ****! It was based on a Christmas story someone wrote and it was so fun to do it all together with such an amazing cast and crew! They were all amazing and the play was one of our best yet! It was a super hectic week overall with every day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) I had to go in at 2:30 and didn’t get home till 9 or 10! Today was different as I had to go in at 10 and I got home at 5.  



My part was one of the “oldest” characters in the play, which was super fun and kinda annoying to play as I got wrinkles and grey hair! I even got to be in a wheelchair (because of my broken leg), and the crew that got me on and off stage worked super well…minus the almost rolling off stage, getting my leg squished in a door, and a backdrop falling on me:

The crew member who set that up had to hurry so much that he didn’t get the backdrop set up the right way and before the lights came on it fell on top of me…after sitting there for what felt like forever a VERY kind audience member helped me out…either way, the crew member for the rest of the performances kindly stayed behind the backdrop to keep it from falling over.


I acted alongside so many amazing actors and actresses, one of whom got sick and wasn’t able to be in today’s last performance. Thankfully my sister L who had been in this play a few years ago was able to fill in. It was awesome seeing her step up to the role and quickly memorizing the few lines she needed to know! 


Due to the fact that the photographer aka my sister was now in the play today meant that today’s performance didn’t have a photographer sooooo I stepped it. Right after I got off stage I grabbed the camera and started snapping…sure about 75% of those photos are blurry and the lighting might be off but it sure was fun to see the play from inside the theatre and not through the small window the actors get to look out of!


After it was over I think all of us actors and actresses felt relieved but also saddened by the fact that all the hard work we put into it is over. I think bowing tonight was filled with many sad thoughts as it was time to get back to “real life”. Some of the actors were leaving for college, others back to the sports they play at schools, others back to the normal everyday schedule…but I think we’re all ready to go back to face the fun and exciting life with maybe just a few more acting skills, facial expressions, and a few more new friends!

Here’s a fun video I made of all the makeup and hair transformations I went through this past week…annnnd let me tell ya, I’m sure not missing those wrinkles and grey hair anymore!

What did you guys think of today’s post? Have you ever acted in a play…what about a Church play? Let’s chat!


A Shaft of Light – NEW BOOK RELEASE!!!

Hey guys! This week has been HECTIC! Today I have the exciting privilege to be part of A Shaft of Light book release!


About Amy Gaudette:

Amy lives with her husband and daughter on a small five-acre farm tucked into a windy hillside in central Maine. Some of her favorite pastimes include her love of gardening, handcrafts, growing medicinal and culinary herbs, and writing.
Amy lives her life believing that God has created all people with a plan and purpose and that each and every person created has a God-seed planted inside of them. With compassion, kindness, and mercy that seed can awaken to its God-given gift. LIFE. She also is a healthy-eating enthusiast with a passion for writing to build others up. She delights in getting her hands dirty in the garden and in walking close to the Lord every day.

Check out Amy’s blog HERE and subscribe to hear more about her and her book! She is also on Instagram…so check her out HERE as well!


A Shaft of Light:

a shaft of lightFor Megan, life is a jumble of disconnected memories, lost faces, half-remembered names. Since suffering amnesia, she’s started to regain some of the years she lost, with the help of a kind doctor and a gentle housekeeper full of wisdom. But the more she remembers, the more frightened she becomes. Something happened to her. Someone is after her – she’s certain of it. How long can a peaceful country home protect her before she must leave and find out who she really is? For Sam, his medical career took an unexpected turn when he invited Megan to stay at his lake house while she recovers. He wants to help her, but he’s torn. All Megan has to her name is an old letter and a furry dog . . . and disjointed memories that are leading her down a path of intrigue and danger. His responsibility to her may jeopardize everything he values. Working together and apart, they begin to piece together the mystery. But there is more at stake than either of them could have imagined.


My Review: Even though this book is a novel I was able to read it in one day! I would definitely recommend this book to 14 and up…but ask your parents what they think!

This book is full of action and sweet moments. There are a few words that I wouldn’t usually use, but they are used in such a way I understand the context of them being used. 

A Shaft of Light is written well and everything is very well explained. I would give it 4 1/2 stars! I’m looking forward to seeing more of Amy’s work in the future (hint hint)!

You can find Amy’s book on Amazon HERE (paperback form) and HERE (kindle form).


Thanks so much, Amy, for writing such a sweet book! I hope we’ll be seeing more of your work in the years to come!

Have a great day everyone 🙂




Photos annnd ANOTHER wood project!

Hello everyone! Happy Mason Jar Day (seriously, I looked it up)! I can’t really decide on what to post on…so today is just random photos I’ve taken over the holiday/week annnd yet another wood project my dad and I built for my grandfather!!

Enjoy 🙂



I straightened my hair! Sadly it went away right after I took a shower…


And my favorite picture yet….

Isn’t my grandma beautiful?! 


And now for the wood project! So with the winter weather quickly approaching, my grandfather needed a windbreaker for his porch. He was going to use the old one, but it was in a very sad state! So as an early Thanksgiving/Christmas present my dad and I ran to the store and bought new supplies!


2-2-8 treated wood

1-4-8 treated wood

4 5inche corner braces

6mil 10ft X 25ft plastic sheeting

Treated 3in, 2-1/2in, 1-1/4in screws

3/4in Washers

Price: About $115


How we made it (hover over pictures to see details):


And that’s it for this blog post…except…..I “broke” my leg! It’s for the play I’m in….my sister made a cast for me and doesn’t it look awesome!?


Have an amazing day everyone!


Did you all have a great Thanksgiving? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I can’t believe tomorrow’s Thanksgiving! It seems kinda insane! My grandma asked me to write down the top 10 things I’m grateful for:


My Family – for my loving parents, siblings, and grandparents…they’re so generous and sweet! 

My Puppies – Winnie for sleeping every night with me and Tirzah for letting me wrestle with her!

Holidays – I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas…the food and the joy everyone has!! 

Acting – Something I wish I could go pro at but unfortunately life is taking me in another direction.

Friends – I never really had a “best friend”. I try not to make favorites because then it’s hard to stay “besties” with everyone!

Wood projects/sewing – Yes, they are totally different but so fun!

Fuzzy blankets – must I explain?

Food – with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I’m definitely thinking about the yummy food being prepared!  

Books – it’s hard to find “good” books to read so when I find an awesome one it’s hard to stop reading! 

Singing/songs – I love singing! And it goes so well with acting!

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t mention God, Jesus, or the Bible…well because I feel like that God, Jesus, and the Bible are so self-explanatory that mentioning them doesn’t make a ton of sense! 


I was going to post this earlier this week to give you guys a chance to make them but I didn’t get around to it so here’s a really cool place marker I found online that is so easy and smells amazing! LINK HERE!

All you need is wood, googly eyes, craft paper, washi tape, and wire! And if you don’t have eyes or washi tape you can easily make eyes with a marker and use craft paper to make the feathers!


I added name tags to the turkey’s to identify the person(s) place!

Here’s the finished product (note: this is before the name tags for privacy reasons)…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Enjoy your wonderful weekend!!!


What are 10 things your grateful for? Does the craft look fun!? Would you try it?!