Charcoal Bentonite Clay Mask – Beka

Hey guys! Beka here with an exciting DIY face mask! I’m really looking forward to blogging here and I’m so excited to show you some fun ways to take care of your body!

Activated Charcoal has the ability to pull out toxins from your pores.

Bentonite Clay has the really fun ability to pull out heavy metals (and no I don’t mean steel and tin foil).

Tea Tree Oil is antifungal meaning it helps opens your pores and remove acne (acne is basically an infection on your face).

Raw Honey has the ability to maintain a soothing effect and helps remove oils from your face that aren’t supposed to be there. 

Here is an example of what you’ll need:


Directions (DO NOT use a metal spoon when touching bentonite clay): 

1 & 1/2 Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay

1 teaspoon Activated Charcoal

4 drops of Tea Tree Oil

A dash of water

1 & 1/2 teaspoon of raw honey/regular honey (we used about a spoonful)


Stir together Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal with a plastic or wooden spoon till mixed thoroughly. Mix in Tea Tree Oil and water till paste-like. Add honey and mix till combined (note if you use raw honey, it won’t like mixing together so it’ll take a bit of patience).

I have a beautiful model here and after having her clean her face with cold water, I got her to sit still and I put the charcoal mask on with my CLEAN hands avoiding her eyes, mouth, nose, and eyebrows (warning the mask will stain them so BEWARE)!

Let the mask sit for 15 minutes (or till it begins to feel dry & tightened). This also is a great way to get your siblings to be quiet because it quite literally glues their mouths shut (not permanently) lol. Get a hot washcloth and drape it over their face and let it sit till the washcloth is cold. Allow them to finish washing it off with warm water and pat it dry with a clean towel.


AFTER the Charcoal Mask: After using Bentonite Clay and Charcoal their face will be pretty dried out so I made an oil cleanse with some Almond Oil (just a dash) and had her massage it into her face for a minute. Follow up with a hot washcloth (use a new one) and allow it to cool once again. Then pat it dry with a new clean dry washcloth.

After the Oil Cleanse….

And that’s it! A quick easy way to help treat your skin from any scaring, oil/dry, and dirty pores. Remember not every skin type is the same so use what’s best for you! This has been something my family has found useful and creative (also makes you look like a panda, which is cool). 


See you next time guys! Beka signing off ❤️

Welcome, My New Co-Writer!!

Hello guys….I have a VERY exciting announcement to make today!!!! I’d like to introduce my first ever co-writer on Photos by Abby Rose!! And she is…..























About Beka: She is an avid Rabbit & Horse lover. She loves being outside, making new foods, healthy living, and finding new healthy skin/hair care ideas to try out! You’ll often find Beka in the kitchen coming up with new and fun ways to take care of your health! She rides horses and one day hopes to own one! She has a rabbit named Chloe and spoils her to death! 


What she’ll be sharing here: Beka dreams of having her own blog one day but with everything going on in both of our lives we don’t have the time to dedicate to separate blogs so we’re joining forces and both blogging here. She’ll be sharing cooking recipes, skincare ideas, DIY projects, animal care/tidbits, annnd more!!! 

You’ll be getting your first every blog post from her tomorrow! 

See you all soon!



Photography Haul

Hey guys! I’m here with another photo haul for you guys! This one is pretty random, I got these photos from the past few weeks I didn’t edit them much though I’ve recently been using an iPhone for my photography and I absolutely LOVE portrait mode. A few of the photos below are me experimenting with different angles…so bear with me ❤




Annnd speaking of Winnie…tomorrow will officially be a YEAR since I got my little girl! It seriously doesn’t feel like it’s been that long ❤ I hope y’all don’t mind but I’m gonna do a quick recap of this past puppy year!


See you all soon!

Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to share this for Beautiful Things!! Laura over at Beautiful Things just published her second book! So go check it out (because this book is awesome)! 

Surprise! It was only last week that I started thinking about some special things to do on my blog for Easter. I went back and forth between a few ideas, but nothing was working for me. Then, I started thinking. I had this story I’d written a year ago, but it was still rough, and […]

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DIY Locust Fence Project

Hey guys! So recently with all the “extra” time on my hands (actually I don’t really have any since I still have school and work stuff). Either way, my dad and I built a fence for my flower garden a few days ago.  Last year the deer had gotten in and eaten my rose plant *gasp* and we also wanted to turn it into a hand railing for my grandparents…so instead of going and buying a bunch of expensive posts and stuff, we went into our woods and cut down locust trees.

An interesting fact about Locust trees: They were created with self-preservation in them. So you don’t need to worry about any icky chemicals from pressure treated posts you’d buy at the store.



We cut the posts to 6 feet long and buried them about two feet in the ground (maybe a little less). After securing them into the ground by pounding the dirt and stone around it till firm (we didn’t use concrete as this is just a flower bed).

We then measured for the railings and cut down a locust tree that was already dead and had a split through it. We used wedges to split the tree along the original split and it went easily thankfully! We used one side of the newly split tree as a bottom railing and attached it with 8 inch long bolts (we predrilled so as not to take forever trying to get the bolts attached).

For the top railing, we wanted to use the other half of the split tree but it was all wacky in shape so we instead went into the woods and found a small locust tree for the hand railing. We ended up having to cut a small grove in it to get it to bend in the right direction but it worked out well! We attached it with 3-inch long wood screws two for every post. 

We then trimmed down the tops of the posts so they all reached 4 feet high and we trimmed off the ends of the railings so they matched (we also attached the railing on when end so it came flush with our porch).

Annnd that’s it! 

We still want to sand it down (which I’m currently working on) and maybe polyurethane it in the summer to keep it from wearing down.

Supplies we used: Small locust trees, bolts, wood screws, screwdriver, and a chainsaw.

Cost: Probably 5 dollars at the most!


We made this entire project using only a drill/screwdriver (I can’t remember the name of them) and a chainsaw…in saying this I want to be VERY clear the chainsaw was used only by my dad and we all wore protective shoes incase of any slipups. PLEASE never use any type of cutting device without your parent’s permission.


Have a great day everyone!

Psalm 46

Hey guys! In my spare time, I’ve been trying to come up with some video ideas. Here’s a short video of Psalm 46 that I memorized for a church thing! Let me know if you’d like one with the hand motions explained so you can learn it!

Enjoy 🙂

Need Some Help Staying Sane?

Hey guys! So recently with the virus, my family has been stuck at home a lot and some of us have started getting cabin fever (I know gasp)! So just in case, your family is getting restless like my family, here are some fun activities to do together!


Bake: Baking and cooking are literally theee best things to do when you’re bored! We’ve been making some delicious soups, bread, sandwiches, desserts, and casseroles! So (with the permission of your parents) try out some new recipes you’ve been wanting to try!

Work-out: Now to follow up with all that baking/cooking, go on walks with your family (if the weather permits)! They don’t need to be hard and all uphill but just go outside and take a fun walk and enjoy the weather!

Read: Recently my family has been reading through a book our neighbor wrote! It’s so fun and about all the fun moments of her childhood…it’s called Teachable Moments by Sandra L. Miller. I suggest you have your parents check it out as it’s really good and perfect for a family reading night!

Garden: It may not be warm enough out to start planting but if the weather permits go outside and start working on your garden! My dad and I have started working on a garden/fence (currently were waiting for the posts to come).

Spring Clean: Cleaning out a room in your house makes you feel so much more prepared…before this virus started I actually took a few days and deep cleaned our pantry which has come in very handy now that it’s full to the brim with supplies. The pictures below show the cleaning from the beginning to the end…


Movies: So recently my family has been watching a bunch of fun movies! Some Disney movies and also some others. So yesterday a movie came out called I Still Believe. So check with your parents and check it out!

Games: There are a ton of great games around our house…Taboo, Ticket to Ride, Apples to Apples, Monopoly, puzzles, and wayyyy more! My personal favorite is Ticket to Ride and doing puzzles! And if you get tired of the puzzles you have around your house, make some of your own! 

Personal Time: Sometimes during a time when you have to stay at home a lot with your family you started getting irritated with each other, so make sure you set aside some personal time for yourself where you can read, write, or just draw.


I’ll see you guys soon!

Picture Haul!

Hey guys! Happy National Chocolate Covered Rasin Day! These past few weeks have been really weird! But they gave me a great opportunity to take some pictures….here are a few from this past week.



Our neighbor’s dog, Sophie




B with her rabbit, Chloe.

It snowed!

The weather is so weird out….

Annnd that’s it, guys! I hope you all are having fun with your family!! Let’s keep the families around us that we know in our prayers ❤