Hi guys! Julia from Litaflame tagged me with the Birthday Tag! Thanks, Julia! I wrote this on my Birthday but didn’t get around to publishing it till today! Also below the tag are the pictures of my cake and a few of the things I did that day! 



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THE QUESTIONS (Julia’s questions are in bold):


  1. How old are you turning? You’ll have to refer back to my recent blog post “It’s my Birthday Month” to figure it out!
  2. What’s your favorite thing about Birthdays? I’d have to say just being with my family and doing fun things together or just talking about old times!
  3. What’s your favorite Birthday meal? We had shrimp fettuccine my sister made…I LOVE shrimp!
  4. Favorite Birthday Dessert? We make ice cream cake for our birthdays! It’s soooo good!
  5. What’s your favorite Birthday memory? I don’t remember the date but we just played games all day and spent a lot of time just hanging out together! It was awesome!
  6. Worst Birthday memory? On my 14th birthday, I had the stomach flu…yuck! Oh, or the time I went coyote hunting two days before my birthday and I was watching two dogs that woke me up at 4am every morning…after I had hunted till 2am!
  7. If you could do ANYTHING on your Birthday, what would you do? Swim or skydive (I mean they aren’t that much different…lol)
  8. If you could get anything for a gift, what would you ask for? Another dog!!!
  9. What’s your favorite Birthday gift you’ve ever gotten? Either a bike or this book series my brother gets me every year!
  10. What does a typical Birthday day look like for you? My family just hanging out and doing things together…watching movies, playing games, doing puzzles, etc..
  11. What are your plans for today? Just being together and watching a movie, playing a few games, and talking!
  12. Any plans for the future?  What do you want to do (as in career, etc)? I couldn’t decide between being a house designer, landscaper, military, or police officer (it really bugs me when people speed or don’t have their lights on, on a foggy day)!
  13. Choose three B-day resolutions! To be better at cleaning up, be less stubborn, and read more!
  14. How do you want to see God work in your life? I guess I’d have to say I want Him to continue to keep me going and to make my faith stronger!


Below are the photos from my birthday!

Lighting candles!
So pretty!
Going for the reflection in my glasses!
Cookies and Cream ice cream cake with fudge and Oreos!
Starting a 300 piece puzzel I received
Finished puzzle two hours later!


And that’s the end of this post! See you next time!