Happy Birthday!


Hey guys! So my mom’s birthday was recently…..so I want to give a shout out to her for not being only the most amazing mother but also for keeping our lives together when we are all acting crazy! She can multi-task more than anyone I know……I mean how does one person: work (with my dad), homeschool, clean, make food, keep ahead of the bills, AND stay sane the whole time! Aren’t moms great??!!!!

This post is of the flowers she received and the icecream cake I made for her. So……let’s get started!





The flowers my family got her!
SO pretty!!
My grandma gets my mom roses every year for her birthday!


*sigh* I love the way roses look!


Aren’t they so cool!?
Heath ice cream cake – the border is heath candy bars and the 49! is made of kit-kats.


Winnie just got a Therapy Dog vest and it looks great on her! We’re now working on her not barking and behaving better when were out.