Nature, Dogs, Kittens, and A Special Blog Shout Out!

Hey guys!! This week has been flying by! Today is a few random photos I’ve been taking annnd I would like you guys to tell me which you think is your favorite and why!


Where we walk there is this HUGE soybean field!
Ahhh fall!!!
Our first frost…a cold morning at 7am
Beautiful fall leaves


Next up are some animal pictures!

Winnie has all these odd car positions!
Rascal…our barn cat (Ella in the background)
Cuddles the littlest and cutest cat you’ll meet but won’t come near me!
Remy (the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet)!


Annnd one more photo I want to ask your opinion on…I’m going to enter this picture into a contest but I need to know if there is something I should change?

Processed with VSCO with fn16 preset


One last thing…if you haven’t already. Head over to Ezra’s Everything not only is he an amazing writer, musician, graphic designer, and Christain. He’s an amazing blogger and I really enjoy reading his awesome blog posts he comes up with! Here’s one of his amazing designs he’s made to share with you all and if your reading this post and DO NOT check out his blog severe consequences will happen to you!😂😂😂



See you guys soon!