Our Colorado Trip!

Hey guys! So we recently went to Colorado. It was such a blast and we had so much fun! We visited with friends and got to know some really fun people! 


We stayed with some friends and they had the sweetest dog named, Sophie


A very lonnng plane ride 


Went to the Garden of the God’s museum…if you like dinosaurs go visit! 


A beautiful view from Cave of the Winds


Garden of the Gods


Ahhh wildlife…who knew?!


And another loonnng plane ride home!


I didn’t take many pictures because it was a little chilly out and we stayed inside a lot! But we all had a blast on the trip and enjoyed visiting the wonderful Colorado weather! The doggies stayed with some friends and the wonderful person who watch Winnie would update me with pictures of Winnie…



Well, that’s it, everyone! Stay healthy everyone, and see you soon!