Some Fun Random Facts!

Hi Guys! Call me a copy-cat but I recently saw a post about someone’s random facts about their life and I just HAD to post a few random facts about myself (because who doesn’t like to talk about random things)!!!?? Let’s get started!


1. I LOVE dogs!!!! You might get annoyed about how many photos I take of Tirzah but you’ll have to accept the fact I ADORE my dog! I also respect cat’s though I don’t think they are very nice (cause come on they just glare at you all the time and don’t like when you touch them)! 


2. I don’t like artificial smells…candles, perfumes, hand creams, etc… I get super annoyed when my family uses hand cream in the car. It’s like I’m trapped in a tiny room that smells awful, going down the road at 50 miles an hour with trees flying past…yuck!


3. I really like milk chocolate!! I LOVE milk chocolate with rice krispies in it!!! Don’t mention white chocolate to me…or you might have to deal with the wrath of Tirzah (jk)!!!!! Dark chocolate’s okay…sometimes.


4. I don’t make my bed in the morning’s. I make it before I go to bed…my reason????????????????? I have no idea!


5. I love singing! I’m currently in a choir as an Alto ‘starts crying’. I’m a soprano at heart! I’m just a more powerful singer and my choir teacher wanted me to be toned down to match others…sadly.


6. I get annoyed with people humming and tapping…please tell me the reason why people do it??? WHYYYYY?? I just don’t understand! Some humming is okay, it has to be quiet and gentle and be a song. When it’s loud and for no reason it bugs me to death!


Well that’s my quick random facts about me! 

Below are three photos of the snow we just had! It’s awesome!!!


(Also sorry about the typos in this post!)

What do you think? Am I just weird about my chocolate choices? What’s your favorite animal?