Randomness post! -Abby

Hey guys! Abby here, and today I have some really random things to show you! 

First off are these beautiful flower pictures I snapped a few days ago from two flower bouquets. Which is your favorite? The last two are pretty much the same picture do you like the first or second rose picture?

Next off is a reptile rescue we did (I was gonna say animal but didn’t want to confuse anyone). Also, this is especially for Rosy’s Writings, saving the snakes one step at a time hehe!

My dad noticed this black snake was caught in the netting I have over my roses so we did emergency “surgery” and carefully cut off the netting from around it. It was a little banged up and cut but the snakey slithered off under the car once we freed it!


Another fun thing this past June, July, and August. I helped direct two acting camps and then participated in one! It was so much fun, yet so stressful. 

I was in two skits: Troubled Seas & A Beginning (Cheaper by the Dozen). 

Also in two songs: There’s No Business Like Show Business & Who Will Buy (from Oliver!).

I had a great Summer and this is about it with the summer for me! I’m going to a private Christian school in a couple weeks which I can’t wait to begin! 

When does school startup for you? What interesting things did you do this summer? Let’s chat in the comments!