Randomness at its best!

Hey guys! So on the LOONNNGG car trip, I was able to go through some old pictures we took of Winnie, edit some of them and here I am to share them with you! 



Update on Winnie: She is just about 6 months old!!! Two more days 🙂 🙂 Her growing has slowed down so I’m thinking she’ll stay around 40 – 50 pounds…which I don’t mind at all! She has been super active and adventurous! We recently left her with a friend for a few days and the report was that Winnie didn’t get into anything, had no accidents, and was super quiet in the mornings. I’ve also decided to set aside making her a service dog until I know for sure she won’t bark in public. I know every dog wants to bark sometime in their life and Winnie just finds joy in barking at everything! So hopefully we can break that soon!


Now a few random pictures!



And that’s it for this post! See you all Saturday 🙂