Riding lessons photo-shoot/Winnie update!

Hey guys! So today I’m sharing a photo-shoot of sorts from my sister’s horseback riding lesson. The horse they were riding is named Blaze and he’s about 22 years old so it was easy to take pictures of him!

But first off…….on Thursday Winnie had her operation done to her back dewclaws and she was chipped. She’s being so good at not chewing on her wraps but we did get her the “cone of shame” for the times we aren’t around to keep an eye on her. She’s had a bit of trouble sleeping so she’s been staying with me in my bed…..meaning about 4 hours of sleep for me. But it’s totally worth it! 



Okay and now the horse photo-shoot! I’m going to start with the B&W pictures I took!




Next up is the ones that have filters:




Now just some photos without any filters:




Also just a note…I’m going to be posting just on Saturdays for now on. Wednesday’s are just WAY to busy for me to be around to moderate comments. Anyways, guys, I’ll see you next time!