A Short Poem…sorta

The Puppy

by Abby Rose
The puppy looked around with a wag of his tail,

seeing no one he whimpered.


Trying not to cry the small puppy

lay down on the hard, cold ground.


With a lift of his head he heard a quiet, sad sound,

looking around he noticed a little boy crying.


Going over, the puppy put his head on the boy’s knee,

wagging his tail slightly, the puppy licked the boy’s face.


With a small giggle, the boy tugged on the puppy’s ear,

“that hurts” the little puppy thought.


The puppy looked into the boy’s face and saw the joy,

“I can live with a little pain” the puppy thought to himself.


Wagging his tail, the puppy licked the boy’s face again and again,

happy inside, knowing he filled someone with joy.


Sorry if that was cheesy I wrote it a few years ago for a school project. Anyways I just thought it was kinda cute and wanted to share it with you all! Below is a picture that I think kinda goes with the poem (minus the other dog).