The Pen-Pal Tag

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with a really fun tag that Rosy over at Rosy’s Writings nominated me for. Thanks so much, Rosy! Just to let you know this post is a bit counterproductive to this tag…you’ll see what I mean when you start reading 🙂


QUESTION 1: WHEN DID YOU START SNAIL-MAILING? So I just found out what snail-mailing means…and now that I know what it means (thanks google), I’d say I started “snail-mailing” when I was around 5 🙂

QUESTION 2: HOW MANY PEN PALS DO YOU HAVE? Sooo currently….none 🙂 All my friends just text me. The last time I actually sat down and wrote a letter was about 5 years ago, to my pen-pal at the time…we don’t talk anymore though unfortunately. 

QUESTION 3: DO YOU DECORATE YOUR ENVELOPES? If I did write letters I probably wouldn’t unless it was for a birthday or holiday.

QUESTION 4: THEMED LETTERS OR RANDOM? I’m a super random person so definitely random. 


QUESTION 6: WHY DO YOU WRITE LETTERS? If I did write letters they’d be for fun and just to write random fun stuff but also to just talk about life stuff 🙂

QUESTION 7: DO YOU WRITE LONG LETTERS OR SHORTER LETTERS? Kinda depends on who I would be writing…I have friends who write in abbreviations and other friends that write super long emails…which I think is fun! I’m definitely not an abbreviations fan…though I can adjust for their sake.

QUESTION 8: WHEN DO YOU RESPOND TO LETTERS AND HOW QUICKLY? I guess it depends on how long the letter is. When people email me I usually respond in less than 24 hours but it just really depends on the length of the email/letter 🙂

QUESTION 9: HAVE YOU EVER WAITED TO OPEN LETTERS? When I was younger I don’t think I did. I’m not very patient, though I do keep letters from when I was younger and read through them once in a while. 



And the last thing is to write down 5 Things I like to do with pen-pals…I can’t honestly say I have 5 things…so I’m just skipping this one 🙂


My nominations are: 

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And that’s it! Thanks again, Rosy! See you guys soon 🙂