Making a Small Wooden Bench

Hey guys! Just recently my dad and I made a small bench for the end of our table! We used many leftover materials we had laying around from a project we had done recently…I’ll be posting about the project soon! Here’s how we made it, how much it cost us, and how long it took! The materials we used were pine for the legs and support pieces and the top was from an old desk we ripped down for other projects. Enjoy 🙂

First, we cut out the design for the legs of the bench!
Next, we cut out the top and sanded down the rough spots
We also sanded down the legs to keep the splinters away
We attached the legs and top together…..
We then attached two support pieces to the side to make it a bit more sturdy
Finished result selfie!!



Width length – 38 inches

Length (from legs to top piece) – 18 inches

Seat width – 11 7/8 inches



Wood – used scrap pieces laying around

Glue – used older wood glue (not sure what that would have cost)

Screws – 4ish dollars

Sandpaper – used an older piece from another project

In the end…this project cost about 6 dollars


Time: About 1 and a half hours from start to finish!


Just this evening I found the cat trying it out for the first time! 


In the end, this project was super easy and not at all expensive! Let me know what you think about it in the comments below 🙂

Making a Christmas Manger!

Hi! Welcome back! So today I made a manger scene. It turned out well! My mom LOVES manger scenes, so I made one for her, and I’m going to make more for Christmas presents!

Let’s get started!

I assembled five pairs of 22 toothpicks, five pairs of 3 toothpicks, and two pairs of 4 toothpicks. I also used three craft sticks. Don’t forget the glitter (my mom dislikes glitter A LOT)!! Also, hot glue sticks!

Take one of the packs of 22 toothpicks and line them up. Next, take one of the packs of 3 toothpicks and glue them to the line of 22 toothpicks…that made sense right? Continue till you use up all of the packs of 22 and packs of 3 toothpicks.
Glue the packs of 22 toothpicks (that you had put together earlier).
Glue two craft sticks on the bottom of the barn…unless you’re positive your toothpicks are straight and won’t bend at odd angles.
Trim down three toothpicks to attach to the inside of the barn floor (you’ll see what they’re used for in a bit).
While the barn’s “floor” is drying, cut two toothpicks in half, then glue the two pieces together to make an X, then cut two more toothpicks into thirds attaching them to both X’s to form a manger. Take a white cotton ball and cut it in half and glue it down to the manger.
To make Jesus, Joseph, and Mary: Sprinkle gold glitter on a paper towel, cut a toothpick in fourths and fold those pieces together. Put glue on it and roll in the glitter…to form a baby Jesus (yeah it might sound weird but its cute from far away).  For Joseph and Mary, cut a craft stick to make Joseph, cut a smaller piece for Mary.  Roll “Joseph” in blue glitter and “Mary” in reddish/brown glitter. Just like the “baby Jesus” (it might seem weird up close but it’s cute in the barn). Glue small leftover craft sticks to the bottom of Joseph and Mary so they can stand on their own.
Optional: Make a star to attach to the top of the manger scene. Cut two toothpicks in half and glue to make an eight-point star. Roll in whitish/gray glitter. Glue to the top of the manger.

And there you have it!​ A small cute manger for a Christmas present idea or a tree ornament! 

​Merry Christmas!! 

Thanksgiving name card craft!

Today I’m going to show you guys this cute pilgrims hat I made for Thanksgiving and how you guys can make it (I know its early, but I LOVE Thanksgiving)!!!

Let’s get started!


Take a dixie cup and hot glue a piece of black construction paper to it.
Cut out a round circle a little bigger then the cup and glue it over the opening of the cup to seal it up! 
Cut out a long strip of black, a little more than a 1/2 inch wide and long enough to fit around the bottom of the hat. Also, take a yellow piece of construction paper and cut out a piece about 1 inch wide and 1 inch long. Fold it in half and cut it in two places though don’t cut it all the way through.
Weave the black strip through the yellow paper and attach them both to the hat – make sure the seams line up in the back.
Take a tooth-pick and stick it through the top of the hat making a hole – take hot glue and secure the tooth-pick. Then take a strip of brown construction paper and fold it into a sign, add the person’s name to the brown paper and attach it to the toothpick and you’re done!!
I hope you guys had a fun time reading this. I made 11 for everyone coming over…notice the picture below has two hats that have feather-like objects instead of signs – take red and yellow construction paper and cut five pieces of each color out and attach them to the tooth-pick. Then take yellow construction paper and cut out 1-inch square and write the person’s name on it.

Note: two of the names are covered up for privacy reasons. 

Comment and let me know if you would consider doing this for Thanksgiving!

See you guys soon!